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The Worst Weapons in Warzone That Need a Buff in Season 4

These Warzone weapons need a serious buff in Season 4!

Warzone has over 100 weapons to choose from, so it’s a very difficult task to keep them all balanced. However, developer Raven Software is doing a great job at the moment as there are more viable guns than ever.

Despite this, some weapons have still been left behind and you never see players pick them in their loadouts.


Top 7 Warzone Weapons That Need A Buff


If you asked many Warzone players what the worst gun in the game is, many would say the SCAR 17. It hits hard, but not hard enough to counteract the slow rate of fire and also has a tiny maximum magazine size of just 30.

Xclusive Ace suggests that the SCAR needs a larger magazine, a reduction to its recoil, and possibly even a better range. This would make it a great long-range AR, despite the slower time-to-kill.

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SCAR 17 Warzone


THE Oden is actually quite a solid gun stats-wise, thanks to its good TTK, range, and recoil. However, the tiny magazine holds it back.

Like the SCAR 17, the ODEN should get a 40-45 round magazine. This buff would make it viable in Warzone squad modes.

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Oden Warzone

FR 5.56

The FR 5.56 is actually a really good gun in single-fire mode. However, when using it in burst mode, it is extremely inaccurate.

Therefore, Xclusive Ace wants a buff for its recoil within a burst in Warzone Season 4. This would help it become viable and maybe even compete with the best M16 loadout in Warzone.

Warzone FR556

Striker 45 & Uzi

Both the Striker 45 and Uzi are pretty poor as far as SMGs go, thanks to their terrible TTK. However, one simple buff would make both of these guns viable in Warzone.

A small base damage increase would help these weapons be good options. This would mean you could hit limbs with your shots and still do decent damage.

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Uzi Warzone

MK2 Carbine

Xclusive Ace calls the MK2 Carbine “totally useless”. When compared to the other marksman rifles like the Kar98k or SP-R 208, its damage is very poor and it also doesn’t have a one-shot headshot either.

Simply enough, he suggests increasing the upper torso damage to 150, the headshot damage to 200, and also increase the range. This will make it a viable alternative to the best Kar98k loadout in Warzone, which is by far the top marksman/sniper rifle in the game right now.

MK2 Carbine Warzone


Last, but certainly not least, the Dragunov is currently by far the worst sniper rifle in the game. It is the only sniper rifle in the game to not have a one-shot kill to the head, it’s no surprise that nobody uses it.

Xclusive Ace suggests speeding up the re-center time so you can get follow-up shots quicker. Also, a couple of small damage buffs would help it become a usable weapon in Warzone Season 4.

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Are there any other weapons you would like to see get a buff?

Xclusive Ace

Meanwhile, many Warzone players can’t even play the game at the moment. What is the “unknown function” error message in Warzone?

Also, players are still waiting for the RAAL MG and CX-9 to release in Warzone. Let’s hope they arrive soon.

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