After a disappointing delay, Warzone has now added a new Weapon Case mechanic with the Battle Royale Preview mode – here’s what to do with it and all the rewards that are up for grabs!

Those who played DMZ last year may already be familiar with the Weapon Case that just found its way into Activision’s Battle Royale.

Call of Duty is finally repurposing the items from its extraction shooter mode to Warzone in the Battle Royale Preview LTM, and they work very similarly here.

Weapon Cases Are Added to Battle Royale Preview

Weapon Cases have finally been added to Warzone in the Battle Royale Preview LTM that released in the February 1 patch. You can only encounter Weapon Cases in this limited-time mode, for now.

The main Warzone game mode does not have it at this point, but it may come at a later date.

Weapon cases released alongside Covert Exfils which was another delayed feature, meant to arrive with Season 1 Reloaded on January 17.

Thankfully, players can now finally try their hand at both Covert Exfils and Weapon Cases in the new Battle Royale Preview mode for Warzone! To play Battle Royale Preview, head to the Warzone menu and select it in the Featured playlist rotation screen:

Battle Royale Preview selection screen in Warzone

What Is a Weapon Case?

At the start of each Warzone Battle Royale Preview game, a small highlighted search area will appear in a random part of Urzikstan. It will be visible to all players on the map.

Somewhere in that area will be a Weapon Case, which players can interact with to pick up.

Once a Weapon Case is in a player’s possession, that user will be highlighted on the map for all other players to see.

If a player holding the Weapon Case stays alive until the end of the match, or successfully extracts using the new Covert Exfil, they and their teammates will receive exclusive rewards.

How to Find a Weapon Case

There are two ways to find a Weapon Case in Warzone:

  1. At the start of a match or before a Weapon Case is claimed, look for the highlighted search area on the map.
    • All players will be able to see the highlighted area, but players aren’t notified of the exact location of the Weapon Case until someone picks it up.
  2. After a user picks up the Weapon Case, you’ll be able to see the player’s exact location on the map.
    • This makes it easy to track the enemy Operator’s position, and eliminate them to claim the Weapon Case for yourself.

Bear in mind that a lot of players who manage to hold the Weapon Case will attempt to call in a Covert Exfil from any one of Warzone’s Buy Stations.

weapon case warzone

As such, you may not have long to stop them before the Weapon Case leaves the match for good.

On the other hand, waiting for the enemy player to call in the extraction chopper could be a good tactic, as it will allow you to eliminate them and hitch a ride out of Urzikstan immediately.

How to Extract

Once you’ve got the Weapon Case in hand, you need to do one of the following things:

  1. Purchase a Covert Exfil from a Buy Station and get on board the extraction helicopter
    • Each Covert Exfil will set you back $30,000
    • Players can only call in 5 Covert Exfils per Warzone lobby, and this can only occur before the Gulag closes. Watch out for enemy players attempting to stop you from extracting!
  2. Obtain a Warzone Victory by being the last man (or team) standing at the end of the game
    • This will be a lot harder when carrying a Weapon Case, as the user who holds it is marked for the entire lobby on both the Tac-Map and Mini-Map
    • Players who achieve a Battle Royale Victory and are the last squad standing while holding on to a Weapon Case will receive a hidden reward!

Successfully achieve either of the tasks above and both you and your squad will receive rewards from inside the Weapon Case.

All Rewards

There are a variety of rewards that players can earn after extracting successfully or achieving a standard Victory with Weapon Cases in their possession in Warzone.

There are 5 cosmetic rewards for the first 5 successful extractions/standard victories players get while holding on to a Weapon Case. Each subsequent reward will always reward players with a Double XP Weapon Token.

Additionally, players who achieve a Battle Royale Victory while holding a Weapon Case will receive a hidden reward!

Weapon Cases Rewards Battle Royale Preview MW3 Warzone

These are all the current Weapon Case rewards that you and your teammates can unlock upon a successful extraction:

  • First Weapon Case Reward
    • “After Party” Weapon Decal
    • 15-Minute Double Weapon XP Token
  • Second Weapon Case Reward
    • “Person of Interest” Weapon Decal
    • 15-Minute Double Weapon XP Token
  • Third Weapon Case Reward
    • “The Pursued” Weapon Decal
    • 15-Minute Double Weapon XP Token
  • Fourth Weapon Case Reward
    • “Behind the Mask” Weapon Sticker
    • 15-Minute Double Weapon XP Token
  • Fifth Weapon Case Reward
    • “Harrow” MTZ-762 Weapon Blueprint
    • 15-Minute Double Weapon XP Token
  • Sixth & Subsequent Weapon Case Rewards
    • 15-Minute Double Weapon XP Token
  • “Hidden” Weapon Case Reward
    • Players will be able to unlock the exclusive “Mortem” Operator Skin if they can achieve a Battle Royale Victory and be the last squad standing with a Weapon Case in their possession!

We anticipate Activision will add more items to the Weapon Case reward list in the future. But for now, this is plenty of content for players to try and unlock.

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