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Warzone Weapon Balancing Is the Best in a Long Time, Says Xclusive Ace

YouTuber Xclusive Ace believes that Warzone’s weapons are the most balanced they have been in a long time.

Battle royale games are all about securing the win. Therefore Warzone players will always gravitate towards the most powerful or “meta” weapons.

Sometimes weapons are so powerful that almost every player starts using them. This has happened with the Grau, the Bruen and most recently the DMR, which was the most overpowered weapon Warzone has ever seen.

It is therefore Warzone developer Raven’s job to balance weapons. Having many different guns that are all viable options stops the game from becoming stale.

Xclusive Ace believes that since the huge DMR nerf, Warzone weapons the most balanced they’ve been in a long time.

DMR Warzone Balanced

Are Warzone Weapons Balanced?

Xclusive Ace is a Call of Duty YouTuber who specializes in testing the game’s weapons. He believes that Warzone’s weapon balancing is almost perfect at the moment as there are many good guns for every situation.

Firstly, Xclusive Ace says that usually players only have 1-3 primary weapons to choose that are meta. However, players have “at least 10 guns” that they can be successful with in highly competitive lobbies.

These primary weapons include Assault rifles like the CR-56 AMAX, M4A1 and Grau, the M16 Tactical Rifle, and the Stoner LMG.

NICKMERCS even beat his all-time kill record using an LMG not even mentioned on this list.

Stoner Warzone

Ace even says that the DMR and Type 63 are still good options even after the huge nerf to them. This further demonstrates Warzone’s great weapon balancing at the moment.

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Xclusive Ace also praises how balanced the sniper rifles are in Warzone. Every sniper rifle has its upsides and downsides and it is mostly just personal preference on which one players use.

The only weapon class he thinks could be more balanced is SMGs.

Xclusive Ace says that the MAC-10 is still the top SMG even after it was nerfed. The other meta options are both versions of the MP5, but Xclusive Ace hopes that other SMGs will be viable options soon as well.

However, one gun that Xclusive Ace didn’t mention when discussing Warzone’s weapon balancing is this underrated SMG that could be entering the meta soon.

Xclusive Ace Youtube

On the other hand, Ace says that weapon balancing in Warzone doesn’t matter currently as cheating is out of control. Luckily, Activision has now come out and announced huge new anti-cheat plans.

Xclusive Ace also recently revealed what he thinks are the top 5 secondary weapons in Warzone.

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