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Angry Warzone Players Want Huge Vehicle Animation Change

Warzone players want this huge animation change to vehicles to make the game more fair.

Vehicles can make a huge difference in Warzone. Whether it’s to speed across the map to get away from the gas or to run down opposing players, they are very powerful.

However, most Warzone players have one huge problem with how vehicles work in Warzone.

warzone helicopter

Warzone Vehicle Exit Animation

There have been many concerns about the balance of vehicles in Warzone before. Players have been asking for Cargo Trucks to be removed from Solos for ages now.

However, Warzone players are also fed up with how players exit vehicles now. Redditor u/Bowey90 posted a tweet complaining about this and it has almost 2000 upvotes.

At the moment, it is far too easy for players to pull up to opponents and hop out of a vehicle to get easy kills. This is because players basically teleport straight out of the car or truck onto the ground, making it very difficult to track them.

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There is next to no delay before they can ADS and shoot either, meaning players can hop out and kill you before you even know where they are. However, Redditors have worked out the best way to change this.

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Proposed Vehicle Exit Change

Players in the comments have a simple solution to this problem: make an animation to show players exiting a vehicle.

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While some players have concerns that this will slow down the pace of Warzone too much, it is the only logical solution. This would actually make it possible to shoot Warzone players who are getting out of cars now, which would make them much more balanced.

Would you like to see this vehicle change in an upcoming Warzone update? The huge Season 3 Reloaded update for Warzone is dropping very soon.

Meanwhile, over half a million cheaters have been banned from Warzone now. However, players are still complaining that Warzone hackers are worse than ever.

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