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Warzone Players Want Menu Option To Favorite Operators & Skins

This feature to favorite your most played Warzone operators and skins would be so handy!

Warzone, like most free-to-play games, has plenty of different characters and skins players can unlock. In fact, Warzone now has 60 different operators to choose from, and each of those has a number of different skins.

This can make sorting through all of your operators to switch between your favorites a real chore.

However, one Warzone fan has come up with a simple solution for all your skin sorting!

Also, if you’re still using Roze’s Rook skin, you might want to switch to this new most overpowered skin in Warzone.

Warzone ghost

Warzone Favorite Operators & Skins Fan Suggestion

Redditor u/Neikopp shared his concept of an operator favorite system. This would make it much easier for players to sort through their favorite operators and skins in Warzone.

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Much like players can do with calling cards and emblems, players would able to press a button when hovering over the operator skins they like the most to mark them as a favorite. This would then let players select from a list of their favorites instead of scrolling through the whole operator menu.

Every Warzone player has at least a small selection to choose from now because this Adler skin is free for everyone now!

Warzone Season 3

Additionally, this feature would come with a randomize operator option. This would let Warzone players drop into Verdansk with a random operator skin from their list of favorites.

This feature might even cause players to use the Roze skin less often. The pay-to-win Roze skin was nerfed recently, but did anything change?

Let’s hope that Raven Software, or the new development studio working on Warzone, implements a feature like this in a future update.

Meanwhile, there has been some huge Call of Duty news. Activision has confirmed that Sledgehammer Games is making COD 2021. The intertwined Call of Duty ecosystem will mean this will also bring new weapons, operators, and skins to Warzone too.

And, the success of Warzone has led to Call of Duty tripling the size of the development team. 2021 will be absolutely huge for Call of Duty!

On the other hand, many Warzone players are reporting lag and freezing issues in the game. Let’s hope Raven fixes this soon.

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