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Warzone Players Report Wallhackers in “Almost Every Game”

Warzone cheaters have always been a problem, but now users are reporting wallhackers in almost every game.

When it comes to online gaming, there are always those willing to cheat in order to get ahead. Some players don’t have the skill to compete and get a win, others simply enjoy having an unfair advantage over others.

But regardless of the reason, it’s become increasingly clear over the past year that Activision doesn’t care enough to stop the issue. With no real anti-cheat software and a ban system that’s easy to circumnavigate, there’s no real punishment for cheaters.

Warzone Wallhackers
(Source: Activision)

The problem is getting so bad that some Warzone streamers are even cheating live on Twitch. And some battle royale fans are now reporting that wallhackers are present in almost every game of Warzone.

Are Warzone Wallhackers Becoming More Common?

It appears that there are more Warzone wallhackers than ever, according to vocal fans on the game’s online forums.

Wallhacking refers to a very specific form of cheating, where 3rd-party software allows cheaters to see every player on the map, even through walls.

This cheat is often used alongside an aimbot, a cheat that locks your cursor to a nearby user’s hitbox. Of course, the latter is far easier to spot in action, but some wallhackers are pretty obvious in their cheating too.

“I just need to get my frustration out,” writes Reynir92 on Reddit. “Yeah I’ve been sick of cheaters for a long time. I try to ignore it but today I decided to spectate everyone that kills me. That’s probably the most stupid thing I’ve ever done in this game.”

warzone wallhacks cheaters

Reynir92 goes on to confirm that cheaters were present in all 10 of their games. 9 of those games were lost to wallhackers, with the final defeat going to an aimbot user.

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Of course, there’s little proof to back up this claim, but other users have no trouble believing it. Warzone fan Namator affirms that wallhacks are “way more common than what people think.”

The poster also speculates that they could be shadowbanned, and queuing into cheater lobbies. This wouldn’t be the first time that Warzone shadowbans have forced innocent fans to play with cheaters.

Recently, Activision confirmed that it had banned 60,000 Warzone cheaters. However, with over 85 million players in the battle royale, this number appears to be a drop in the bucket.

After all, it only takes one wallhacker to ruin a Warzone match for over 100 players. And as such, this Warzone streamer has lost to cheaters over 1000 times in their career so far.

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Felton Jones

Wednesday 17th of February 2021

Im getting really irritated with the game aimbots, wallhacks, unlimited dead silents ridiculous.

Glenn wilson

Tuesday 16th of February 2021

I will no longer support or purchase any more of there shit. How is it far they take our money and sell us skins and guns and sell you the chance to NEVER WIN, Stop buying their shit tell they do something or go bust!!!

Eusebio Villa

Tuesday 16th of February 2021

They need to be removed from game for good or if they hack put them to n a room with other hackers also we real gamers can enjoy ourselves again