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Warzone Wall Glitch Makes Players on Rebirth Island Invincible

A new Warzone wall glitch let this player become totally unkillable on Rebirth Island.

It seems to be a while since players have found a totally game-breaking bug in Warzone. However, all good things have to come to an end eventually.

One unlucky Warzone player was killed by an invincible enemy who had used a glitch to get into a wall on Rebirth Island.

Invincible Warzone Players

An unlucky Warzone player came across a whole enemy squad using a wall glitch on Rebirth Island. This meant that these players were totally invincible because you can't shoot players that are inside walls.

This also isn't the only problem on Rebirth Island at the moment. Warzone players hate the new Resurgence Extreme game mode.

The Warzone clip below shows that there was a whole squad of players who had glitched into the wall. They could get easy kills on players who couldn't hurt them or even see them.

The exact spot where the Warzone players managed to glitch into the wall on Rebirth Island was below the Chemical Engineering building. But how did they get into the wall in the first place?

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How To Get Inside Walls in Warzone

It is now known exactly how these players managed to glitch inside the walls. However, an eagle-eyed commenter spotted a jeep in the corner of the building. This is probably how they got into the wall.

Warzone players have been abusing wall glitches like this for a long time now. The glitch first started on Rebirth Island, when a player drove an ATV into a wall at a certain angle to clip inside.

It then spread to Verdansk where players could get into the walls of the garages.

However, players thought that Raven fixed this Warzone wall glitch a long time ago. Clearly, the fix didn't work as it is still a problem.

tenXeXo Reddit

Meanwhile, Warzone players are demanding for Raven to add a firing range to the game. This will help them test their loadouts, including what MAC-10 attachments have been nerfed in Season 2.

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