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Warzone Players Are Still Abusing Glitches To Get Inside Walls

Warzone cheaters are once again causing widespread frustration, by glitching inside walls for easy kills.

Call of Duty: Warzone is no stranger to some big, game-breaking glitches. Only recently, it was reported that helicopters can instantly explode, and downed players can shoot at each other.

This is even after a huge Warzone patch that resolved the game-breaking infinite Stim glitch, and infamously nerfed the DMR 14.

But of course, some glitches slip through the cracks of these patches. One of these bugs has been found by Reddit users, and it sees players that can disappear through walls.

warzone verdansk wall glitch
Warzone's Verdansk

The Warzone Wall Glitch Issue

Players have had a history of "wall-hacking", a technique that allows the user to see enemy players through walls. This was a frustrating bug that sapped all of the fun out of the game for many. But, a new type of wall-hack has been discovered and is being seriously exploited.

A video by Reddit user cannabizfo20 has exposed one such hacker, who scores a cheap kill on them during a game.

The clip sees the player run into one of Rebirth Island's many buildings, only to be shot to ribbons from behind.

warzone wall glitch rebirth island
Warzone's Rebirth Island

Of course, the player wasn't facing the enemy, but even if they were, they still wouldn't see the hacker. The camera shifts to point at the attacker after the player dies, to reveal that there is nobody there.

The kill cam plays, to reveal that the hacker was camping in the corner, completely obscured from view. They had glitched their way inside the wall, hiding them from other players and protecting them from gunfire.

More Warzone Cheaters

Commenters in the r/CODWarzone subreddit are just as frustrated and have faced the Warzone wall glitch before. One user commenting;

"Yep happened to me and my friends a few nights ago. We immediately called it a night, it blows my mind how poor Activision takes care of their games."

Reddit user Voluntourism1

Another Reddit user posted their own video, showing their run-in with a hacker glitched into a wall. This time it was in Verdansk, inside a garage.

Commenters on this video speculate that the hacker used the truck next to the garage to slip through the wall. The same glitch had been found in Modern Warfare, but it has since been patched out.

Warzone's glitches are causing a lot of frustration in the community, with many describing the game as "unplayable".

The exploitation by hackers is ruining the fun of the game quickly, and as more glitches remain unpatched, the more likely it is that hackers will take the opportunity to spoil the fun for players.

warzone verdansk wall glitch
Warzone's Verdansk

This isn't the first time hackers have glitched into walls; reports of it stretch back weeks. The work of these hackers isn't shameless, either. Warzpme players have been bragging about their exploits while streaming on Twitch.

It's not just Warzone that's having its fair share of problems. Black Ops Cold War's split-screen has been deemed entirely broken, and a big melee exploit has been discovered.

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