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Warzone Verdansk Resurgence Mode Has No SBMM, Says JackFrags

YouTuber JackFrags claims that the limited-time Resurgence Trios mode in Warzone has no SBMM.

Whether you like it or not, skill-based matchmaking is a huge part of Warzone. The system tries to put players in lobbies of equally skilled opponents, but many complain that it makes the game too competitive.

However, YouTuber JackFrags claims to have found a Warzone game mode which has no SBMM.

In case you need some more info on skill-based matchmaking, here’s everything you need to know about Warzone SBMM.

Warzone Season 3 Downtown

How To “Turn Off” SBMM in Warzone

There is no SBMM option in Warzone that you can just turn off. However, there may be a game mode that has no skill-based matchmaking at all.

In his latest video, YouTuber JackFrags claims that the Verdansk Resurgence Trios game mode, which was added in the huge Season 3 update, has no SBMM.

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The Resurgence game mode was originally only on Rebirth Island and has players respawn as long as their teammates survive for a certain amount of time. This came to Verdansk at the start of Season 3, but apparently has no SBMM.

Warzone Season 3

JackFrags has played this Warzone game mode for a week and claims there is no SBMM in it. This is because he gets much easier lobbies than when playing standard battle royale.

Previously, he also found out a sure-fire method to get easy lobbies in Warzone.

It’s a night and day experience from playing in normal trios or quads. The fights are completely different, there’s way more variety in the operators people pick… and it’s much more casual so you don’t have to sweat your face off to get a victory”

While it has not been confirmed that there is no SBMM in this Warzone mode, it’s still worth a try for those who want an easier game. You might even find your new favorite mode!

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