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Warzone Finally Announces Verdansk Nuke Event In-Game “Verdansk Goes Boom”

At long last, Warzone has finally confirmed the Verdansk nuke event through the addition of a new in-game item. Players have been waiting for official confirmation of the end of Verdansk for a while, and now it appears Raven Software has finally revealed their plans.

Players have been eagerly expecting an announcement regarding the destruction of Verdansk. Interestingly, the nuke event has been teased considerably over the past few months. Most recently, Warzone’s TV Station easter egg hinted at the in-game event.

Warzone Nuke Event
(Source: Activision)

There are many that believe the destruction of Verdansk will make for the new Warzone map. It is thought that the new map will somehow transport players back in time, the trailer recently leaked that shows off the surprise 1980’s setting.

Interestingly, the POIs for the new map has also been leaked ahead of its reveal. If you’re wanting to see all of the new locations after the Verdansk nuke event, take a look.

80s verdansk map pois Warzone
(Source: Activision)

However, Raven Software may have accidentally or intentionally shown their hand, with the addition of a new in-game item which officially confirms the Verdansk Nuke event is happening.

Verdansk Nuke Event Confirmed By Calling Card

Recently we reported on the appearance of the leaked Warzone Nuked Verdansk calling card, which appeared to confirm the Verdansk nuke event. Although the image was quickly taken down, now it has started to appear in-game, signaling that the event is inbound.

The new Calling Card entitled “Verdansk Goes Boom”, pretty accurately lines up with the nuke event leaks. Right now it is unclear whether this is a mistake on Raven’s behalf, or whether the card has appeared in-game to tease the event.

Warzone Nuke Event
(Source: Activision)

It is thought that the nuke will arrive towards the end of Season 2, in order to make way for Season 3 content. Warzone Season 3 weapon leaks are already appearing online, however, signaling that it is coming soon.

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Credible leaker @ZestyCODLeaks on Twitter reports on the appearance of the calling card in-game. Take a look below to see the calling card for yourself:
(Source: Twitter)

In other news, another heavily anticipated Warzone map has leaked ahead of its announcement. However, this map is something that fans have expected to see for a long time.

Furthermore, a new Warzone Exploit is allowing players to access old and upcoming content bundles. If you’ve missed out on a particular cosmetic item, you might be able to acquire it using this method.

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