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Mysterious New Dock Appears At Verdansk’s Dam in Warzone

A new makeshift dock has appeared at Verdansk's Dam in Warzone, implying big changes to the map coming soon.

Many new changes have been predicted for Warzone's Verdansk map. Any change to the map is welcome, as it offers a little spice to keep the gameplay of Warzone a little different.

New changes have arrived in the game in season two, primarily in the form of a giant cargo ship crashing into Verdansk's harbor. The new update has provided a lot of excitement already and has teased that more huge changes are yet to come.

verdansk warzone map

But, an exciting new location has been discovered by the dam.

The location's been getting a lot of attention recently, as one player has found a new way to scale Verdansk's dam for an excellent point of vantage.

But a new discovery here has led to huge speculation about the future of Verdansk.

New Dock Found By Verdansk Dam

In a video posted to Twitter by the account ModernWarzone, a player and their teammate fly up to the Verdansk dam in a helicopter.

On their flyby, they spot a small wooden dam that wasn't there before the season two update. The player on the side of the helicopter jumps out and parachutes down to investigate.

They run across the frozen lake and jump up onto the end of the wooden pier-like structure. They dart across, picking up small details of the new location; barrels, ropes, and frozen-over canoes are littered about the docks.

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It's an interesting new addition to the Verdansk dam's general vicinity. More exciting, though, is what it implies about the future of the nap. Perhaps when the ice melts in the summer, we could see more water flowing through this dock?

Many fans have suggested that Warzone's dam could be breaking soon. While we haven't seen many hints to that happening so soon, such an event could come later in season two. Given the changes the map has already undergone, it'd be great to see more drastic changes brought to Verdansk.

Such a change would not only directly affect the dam itself but also flood large areas of Verdansk. We could see waterlogged towns, TV stations, and more. Plus, it could introduce some more water-based vehicles to the game.

We're excited to see more changes to Verdansk's map. Who knows, such big changes like the broken dam could be coming sooner than we expect.

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