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Warzone Verdansk ’84 Floor Loot Is Terrible in Season 3

Warzone has quite a big problem in Season 3, as a lot of players take issue with the floor loot in Verdansk ’84.

Call of Duty: Warzone finally has a new map to enjoy, and while it’s not so different from our usual spot, things are looking up. In general, Verdansk ’84 is a big improvement over Warzone’s first variant, but the map does have its issues.

Firstly, Warzone players already hate the new Standoff Gulag in the battle royale. Of course, players have been petitioning for the Gulag showers to return to Warzone for months now.

1984 verdansk map
(Source: Activision)

Next up, there’s a huge visibility issue in Warzone Season 3. However, changing these settings will allow you to see clearly in Warzone, even in Verdansk ’84.

But one of the biggest gripes the Call of Duty community has right now involves the start of the game. When dropping into Warzone, before grabbing your loadout, players hate the floor loot they’re finding around the map.

Warzone Players Hate Season 3’s Floor Loot

In Warzone Season 3, the game’s floor loot (AKA weapons and equipment present on the ground) just isn’t good.

Although the weapon balancing is great in Warzone Season 3, the guns you find around the map are definitely lacking. For a start, every rarity of the fully automatic shotgun, the Streetsweeper, is available as floor loot.

And while it’s not great to deck half the lobby out with powerful automatic shotguns, the other options are just bad. Every AK-47 appears to have a long-range scope, despite the best AK-47 loadout being an amazing short-range option.

And the next-to-useless M60 seems to be a very popular floor loot find in Warzone’s new update too. Of course, it makes sense that Raven Software is taking away Modern Warfare weapons from the map, but the new replacements just aren’t cutting it.

In a new post to the CODWarzone subreddit, user nuttletj shares their thoughts about the new floor loot in Season 3:

“The 30rd FARA’s are so inconsistent, in my opinion. The M60. O my god. The M60. I would rather use my fists than this LMG. It is truly a useless gun. The random SwissK snipers with variable zoom??”

warzone season 3 floor loot
(Source: Activision)

However, despite the game’s poor starting weaponry, it’s actually feeling very balanced as far as standard gameplay goes. When you’re calling in your loadout, you’re free to pick any weapon you like now that there are no broken classes ruining Warzone.

That said, one overpowered Warzone weapon is turning heads in Season 3. And it comes as no surprise to see it pop up on the list of best guns in Warzone Season 3.

New reports actually suggest that Warzone’s SBMM is getting big changes right now! And as Activision begins to invest more resources in Warzone anti-cheat, could this be the season we’ve always dreamed about in the battle royale?

But if you’re already looking ahead, here’s when Cold War and Warzone Season 4 is going to begin. And the battle royale may have to carry the franchise for a little longer this year, as Call of Duty: WW2 Vanguard might not release in 2022!

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