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Warzone Friendly Fire Vehicle Glitch Lets Players Run Over Teammates

Warzone players are now accidentally running over their teammates, thanks to this new friendly-fire vehicle glitch.

Many multiplayer shooters have a mechanic which lets players kill their teammates called ‘friendly fire’. Luckily Warzone isn’t one of those games, or it could become very annoying.

However, a new glitch with the vehicles in Warzone now means players keep killing their teammates with vehicles by accident.


Can You Run Over Your Teammates in Warzone?

The huge Warzone Season 3 Reloaded update has brought loads of new content and bug fixes to the game. Make sure to visit all of the new POIs in Verdansk ’84 if you haven’t already.

However, it seems to have also introduced a very frustrating bug into Verdansk.

Many players are now accidentally running over their teammates in vehicles in Warzone. This is despite it previously being impossible to team kill in any way.

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Warzone Armored Royale

Warzone Vehicle Team Kill Glitch

Warzone players have been asking for a huge change to vehicles for a while now, yet another new problem has been introduced.

Many players have started to share clips of them accidentally running over and killing their teammates with vehicles on the Warzone subreddit. This seems to be happening with every vehicle in the game apart from the helicopter.

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It is not known what causes this problem but it is quite annoying and can ruin your game if you’re not careful. While you should still use vehicles in Warzone if you want to, you might want to tone down your gun-ho driving around your teammates so you don’t run them over.

Let’s hope Raven Software issues a fix for this very soon so you stop running over your Warzone teammates by accident!

Meanwhile, there are some new side quests to complete in Verdansk. Find out how to open the loot-filled vault in Nakatomi Plaza. Also, be sure to collect some Rambo POW Dog Tags at the new Survival camps.

Additionally a new World Series of Warzone has been announced. This will have the top players competing for huge cash prizes.

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