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Warzone & Vanguard Attack On Titan Levi Skin & Bundle Contents Leaked

A new leak has revealed the much-anticipated Attack on Titan Levi skin in Warzone and Vanguard as well as all of the contents in the bundle- take a look!

Skins are some of the most exciting items that Call of Duty players can buy and there will be plenty more coming to Warzone and Vanguard soon.

Some players will be using the best camo Warzone skins to stay under the radar in Caldera. However, they might be changing this very soon.

This is because the Warzone and Vanguard Attack on Titan skin has been leaked. Check out what fan-favorite AoT character Levi looks like in Call of Duty below!

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Warzone & Vanguard Attack on Titan Bundle Found In-Game

Warzone & Vanguard Attack on Titan Bundle Contents Revealed

Just a day after it the Warzone and Vanguard Attack on Titan bundle was found in-game, we now know exactly what will be included in the bundle.

There has never been a better time to jump into Warzone. The new Pacific map, Caldera is finally here and the RICOCHET anti-cheat system is finally active too.

What’s more, a cool crossover with popular anime Attack on Titan is on the horizon too. This will be in the form of an in-store bundle.

According to data miner Nanikos, the Attack on Titan Tracer Pack – Levi in Warzone and Vanguard contains:

  • Levi Operator Skin for Daniel
  • Finishing Move
  • Highlight Intro
  • MVP Highlight
  • Emblem
  • Sticker

Luckily, Nanikos has also revealed what the Levi skin looks like. Check it out below!

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AoT Levi Skin in Call of Duty

While many players don’t like unrealistic skins in Call of Duty, it’s certainly better than the invisible operators currently in Warzone.

However, many Warzone and Vanguard players weren’t very happy when they saw the leaked image of the Attack on Titan Levi skin.

As it is just a skin for Daniel, it doesn’t look too much like Levi but the outfit is accurate at least. Only time will tell whether this bundle is popular or not though.

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Meanwhile, a number of glitches are ruining Warzone at the moment. Players have found a way to get under the map in Caldera.

What’s more, Xbox players are suffering from the ‘Goldflake Network Service Failed’ error that stops them from playing Warzone.

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