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Warzone & Vanguard Tracer Pack Attack on Titan Levi Edition Bundle: Contents & Release Date Confirmed

Activision confirmed the contents of the upcoming Attack on Titan Levi Bundle crossover with Warzone and Vanguard.

Players were eager to know more about the content update coming for Warzone and Vanguard. Now that Activision and its development teams are back from the holidays, information is coming!

Lately, Activision has aimed for many crossovers. These collaborations included horror franchises akin to what Fortnite has done with DC and other superheroes.

Fans will be satisfied to know that Activision has confirmed today many of the previous leaked content for the Warzone and Vanguard’s Attack on Titan crossover.

Certainly, fans were eager to start this year with additional content, and it looks like Activision will deliver, at least for the anime fans.

Vanguard & Warzone Tracer Pack Attack on Titan Levi Edition Bundle Content

Activision released a blog post today officially confirming the contents of the upcoming Warzone & Vanguard Attack on Titan Levi Edition Bundle.

The store bundle will be available on the following dates and times:

  • Warzone Pacific: January 12, 9 PM PT
  • Vanguard: January 11, 9 PM PT

The highlight of this bundle is the Survey Corps Lengendary Operator Skin. Furthermore, this skin allows your Operator to look like one of the members of the brave wings of liberty.

In total, this bundle is comprised of ten different items. These are the complete contents of the Warzone & Vanguard Attack on Titan Levi Edition Store Bundle:

  • Survey Corps – Legendary Operator Skin
  • Historia – Legendary Weapon Blueprint
  • Ymir Curse – Weapon Blueprint
  • Titan Piercer – Legendary Weapon Blueprint
  • Secret Keeper – Epic Charm
  • One Hot Potato – Rare Sticker
  • Wings of Freedom – Rare Emblem
  • Steel Cut – Legendary Finishing Move
  • Ultrahard Steel – Legendary MVP Highlight
  • Vertical Maneuver – Legendary Highlight Intro

Also, it is worth noting the Ultrahard Steel and Vertical Maneuver Highlights are exclusive to Vanguard.

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Attack on Titan Levi Edition Bundle – Weapons and Skin Details

The Survey Corps Legendary Skin converts Sgt. Daniel of the Hellhounds into an honorable member of the Wings of Freedom in the style of Levi Ackerman.

On the other hand, both Historia and Ymir Curse weapons are available for Warzone and Vanguard’s Multiplayer and Zombies Loadouts.

Ymir Curse features a configuration for nine attachments. Moreover, this weapon offers almost non-existent horizontal recoil, almost-maximum effective range, and bullet velocity.

All these characteristics make Ymir Curse an excellent choice for ranged combat.

Historia is suited for a run and gun style. It offers accurate and fast shots perfect for Gung-Ho strategies.

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Warzone Vanguard Attack on Titan Levi Edition Bundle

Aside from content, Warzone players are demanding console-only crossplay to avoid hackers.

Unfortunately, even after RICOCHET launched, gamers are reporting spikes in cheaters activity in Warzone Pacific.

Among these issues, Warzone players also reported a new invisible Wraith Operator Skin.

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