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Warzone Ural Mountains Gameplay Leak Reveals More of Scrapped Map

A Warzone leaker has shared an 8-minute clip of gameplay from the Ural Mountains Warzone map.

While Verdansk got an ’80s makeover back at the start of Season 3, Warzone players are still waiting patiently for a new full-sized map.

There was plenty of hope that the leaked Ural Mountains map could have been coming to Warzone, however, it looks like that ship has sailed. Although, some new gameplay has revealed to Warzone fans what might have been…

Black Ops Cold War Duga Map

Warzone Ural Mountains Map Gameplay Leak

Reports suggest that the Ural Mountains map won’t arrive in Warzone any time soon, or could be scrapped. This map would have had an increased player count and way more POIs, according to leaks.

However, a brand-new leak reveals what the map would have looked like.

The 8-minute clip from dataminers @Cheezburgerboyz shows a player running through a large portion of the map and highlights a few familiar spots. Also, it gives players a glimpse of the main city in the Ural region.

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duga Black Ops Cold War

Firstly, it prominently shows what the Zoo POI was like. This was originally seen in the first leaked image of the new Warzone map.

The video also takes players through the ice hockey arena which was also leaked in this Ural Mountains image.

Additionally, many players will recognize the portion of the map which is Duga from Cold War Zombies’ Outbreak mode. This also arrived as one of the new POIs in Verdansk ’84.

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Although, there are parts of the map like the roads and rivers which glitch and look totally unfinished in parts. This may have contributed to why this map hasn’t been added or may never come to Warzone.

Would you have liked to drop into this map in Warzone? You can see the leaked full Ural Mountains map layout here.

Meanwhile, many players are getting an “unknown function” fatal error message in Warzone. Is there a fix for this?

Also, check out the full patch notes for the latest Warzone update.

Finally, when will the RAAL MG and CX-9 release in Warzone? Players have been waiting for these unreleased Modern Warfare guns for ages.

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