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Warzone Update 1.29 Adds RC-XD, Radiation Counter, Custom Lobbies & More

There’s new content in Call of Duty: Warzone version 1.29, and it looks to change the battle royale as we know it.

In the new Call of Duty: Warzone update 1.29, fans saw a range of new changes to the game. But there are a few new items that appear to have secretly been slipped into Verdansk.

Alongside general fixes for the game, Warzone players may encounter a new piece of loot when dropping into the popular battle royale. Long-time Call of Duty fans are certain to recognize the RC-XD killstreak when they see it in-game.

What’s more, a “Radiation Counter” is now appearing in the battle royale, although there’s no use for the item just yet. However, it gives us a chilling look into the future of Verdansk.

It’s entirely possible that the game’s hidden Nuke will be going off after all.

Warzone’s RC-XD Killstreak

The RC-XD (or Remote Controlled-Explosive Device) first appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Since then, it’s become a staple of the Black Ops franchise.

The popular killstreak allows players to drive a remote-controlled car around the map, exploding it at will. Now, it appears that Warzone players will be able to use the RC-XD too.

Acting as a perfect scout unit to get revenge on Warzone campers, the RC-XD has already been spotted in-game. This infamous killstreak serves as a perfect introduction to Black Ops Cold War’s integration with the battle royale.

This new drop is sure to change Warzone as we know it. Only time will tell whether or not it’s for the better, but we’re excited to hop into the driver seat once again.

Warzone’s New Radiation Counter

The Radiation Counter was first spotted by MrTheRevertz on Reddit. Although the user was able to find the item in-game, it didn’t appear to be usable in gameplay just yet.

Presumably, the equipment would track invisible radiation pockets that harm players that stay in the area too long. The only reason we can think that this would be necessary would be following a nuclear event.

Radiation Counter Warzone
(Source: Activision)

Fans believe that this radiation counter is likely coming to the game alongside the new Cold War integration. With Black Ops Cold War set to launch in just a matter of days, elements of the game will soon merge with Warzone.

Given that the Cold War was about avoiding a nuclear threat, it stands to reason that the Radiation Counter will help avoid radiation caused by a Nuke. In Black Ops Cold War’s new game mode Dirty Bomb, players can suffer from radiation sickness when exposed for too long.

Perhaps some elements of Dirty Bomb are about to make their appearance in Warzone. Whatever the reason for the Radiation Counter, it certainly didn’t appear in the game’s patch notes.

Warzone Custom Lobbies Update

In the latest Warzone patch notes, Activision announced that players finally have a way to create private matches. There are 3 modes available to users at launch.

The standard battle royale mode requires 50 players to be present to begin. This won’t be much use to the average player, but streamers should have few issues creating lobbies.

Warzone Custom Lobbies
(Source: Activision)

Plunder is also available, with a smaller 30 player cap to begin. And finally, a mini battle royale mode with just 24 players is also here.

It’s worth noting that this addition will make Warzone tournaments easier to plan than ever before. It’s sure to be great for content creators, but we’re certain that it will also draw a few complaints from those without large followings.

Independent Loadouts Are Here

Another secret change that didn’t appear in the patch notes – players can now customize independent loadouts in Warzone. That is to say; your Warzone loadouts don’t need to be the same as their Modern Warfare counterparts.

Warzone Independent Loadout
(Source: Activision)

Players should be greeted with a notification informing them of the change when next loading the game. For whatever reason, Infinity Ward didn’t see fit to include the Warzone update in its official patch notes, however.

This is a great new change, and it’s sure to make a lot of players very happy. Warzone patch 1.29 has certainly been an eventful one.

With Black Ops Cold War’s release just around the corner, fans are eager to drop into the latest Call of Duty title. But some gamers have already found a way to play Black Ops Cold War early.

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 is coming shortly and promises new Warzone content. However, it appears that some of that content has already found its way into the battle royale experience.

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