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Warzone Update 1.41 Teases ‘The Numbers’ Event – Patch Notes

A new Warzone update went live overnight and it seems to be hinting towards the upcoming event called ‘The Numbers’.

Usually, Warzone updates introduce a load of changes to the game, however, the 1.41 update is a lot more subtle than that.

Instead of your regular patch notes, the update only added a small change to the game – a new lobby background. However, this hints at an exciting upcoming event called ‘The Numbers’ in Warzone.

Let’s just hope it is more exciting than the “boring” Battle of Verdansk Vanguard reveal event.

Warzone Red Door

Warzone Update Hints at Season 5 Reloaded Event

Raven Software has already revealed that the Warzone Season 5 Reloaded event will be called ‘The Numbers’. However, beyond involving the Red Doors, players don’t know what to expect.

Following a huge leak of voice lines from ‘The Numbers’ event, the new Warzone lobby background is the latest hint players have.

While the Warzone lobby screen may look like your standard background, on closer inspection there are plenty of numbers floating around, as well as plenty of signs containing numbers in the background.

The floating numbers are also the same ones players will see when going through the portals in the Red Doors found around Verdansk

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Make sure to keep an eye out for any more hints towards ‘The Numbers’ event in this mysterious new Warzone update. The patch itself was 650MB so surely some more hints were added too.

This event could also finally see the Verdansk Mines open up in Warzone for the first time.


Looking forward even further than ‘The Numbers’, a leaker has revealed the Halloween Warzone event and Ghostface operator skin.

In other news, Call of Duty Vanguard will finally bring a new Warzone map and anti-cheat. This is exactly what the game needs right now.

Additionally, a leak has revealed the upcoming Warzone map’s location, size, and new vehicles.

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