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Warzone Unlimited Gas Mask Glitch is Better Than Durable Gold Mask

There is a new unlimited gas mask glitch in Warzone!

Warzone has had plenty of glitches to do with the gas that closes in as the match progresses. However, this one seems to be new.

Previously, the infinite stim glitch let players stay in the gas for an unlimited amount of time, but this glitch to do with Warzone’s gas masks might be even worse.

How are players getting gas masks that don’t run out?


Warzone Unlimited Gas Mask Glitch

Gas masks are one of the most useful items in Warzone because it lets you stay in the gas for a limited amount of time without taking damage. This is despite the gas mask animation still causing loads of frustrating deaths.

There is also a gold variation of the gas mask called a durable gas mask which lasts for longer in the gas, but it still gets destroyed eventually. However, players have now found a glitch which means that gas masks don’t run out at all.

This means that players can stay in the gas for an unlimited amount of time and get easy wins.

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The clip shared on the Warzone subreddit below shows an example of this new gas mask glitch in Warzone.

It is not known how the player managed to get an indestructible gas mask or whether this is just a glitch rather than an exploit. However, the player seemed to be aware that they could run around in the gas without taking any damage.

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Hopefully, this is just a one-off occurrence and this glitch doesn’t spread. However, the Warzone community would also appreciate it if Raven Software or the new Warzone developer would fix this bug.

Although, they might be too busy fixing the biggest problem in Warzone right now.

Also, the gas mask glitch is nothing in comparison to this new Warzone cheat. Warzone hackers can now bend bullets!

Meanwhile, Warzone will be getting a Rambo skin in the next update. Check out the Warzone Season 3 Reloaded trailer featuring Rambo here.

Finally, Warzone players demand a nerf to this overpowered tactical equipment. Would this make Warzone more fun?

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