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Warzone “Unknown Function” Fatal Error Message – Is There A Fix?

Many Warzone players are getting a new “unknown function” error message since the latest update.

Warzone has had plenty of bugs, glitches, and errors since it launched last year, but developer Raven Software solves most of them quickly.

However, this latest Warzone error is one of the most furstarting yet and is stopping players from playing the game entirely.


Warzone Error Casuing Crashes

Warzone was recently plagued with a number of Dev Errors that broke games. However, since the June 3 Warzone update, players have been reporting a new fatal error that causes their game to crash.

Players on PlayStation Xbox and PC are given the message “unknown function” when starting up Warzone or when trying to get into a lobby. In particular, this crash seems to be affecting many new players who have to go through the training mission at the start of the game.

The error message also points the players towards Activision customer support to fix the issue, but they haven’t had any luck with that so far. However, players have been trying a number of methods to fix this error…

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How To Fix Warzone “Unknown Function” Error

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any way to fix this error. Many players have reported trying all kinds of things to fix the error, but none seem to work.

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Players on the Warzone subreddit have even tried reinstalling the game but to no avail. Even after the game is deleted and downloaded again, the “unknown function’ error still appears.

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This error has come at a very bad time as Double Weapon XP Weekend is just about to start. Hopefully, developer Raven Software finds the cause of this crash and issues a hotfix before that.

Meanwhile, Warzone players have a number of other issues too. An annoying glitch is stopping Warzone’s live ping system from working properly.

Also, the biggest problem in Warzone is still the terrible lighting. Although, players getting the “unknown function” error would be happy to play Warzone even with this lighting.

What’s more, a new bug means all Warzone players should stay away from the train in Verdansk. You don’t want an early trip to the Gulag.

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