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Hectic Clip Proves How Unbalanced Warzone’s Bunker Drop Zone Is

A hilarious new Warzone clip shows a player get the easiest killstreak we've seen in the game yet, and proves how unbalanced the Bunker location is.

Warzone has trouble with the unbalanced nature of some of its drop zones.

Some areas are much better for loot than others, meaning that some players just don't drop into some locations. It leaves some areas unpopulated, and others, vastly overpopulated.

Call of Duty Warzone
Call of Duty Warzone

The case is the same in all battle royale games and is almost unavoidable. But Warzone is a rather bad example. And a new clip has exposed it.

The brilliant new clip has been shared to the Warzone subreddit of a player dropping into a bunker, only to be fed a slurry of kills.

Similar clips have been flooding in recently. One such video sees a player get hilarious revenge on a toxic player. Plus, a new clip shows off how OP the throwing knife really is.

The Unbalanced Warzone Bunker Clip

Immediately after dropping out of the airship over Verdansk, a Warzone player heads straight for West bunker. It's a location notoriously rife with players, but not usually as rife as this clip shows.

They and their squad immediately try to breach the building, with the lead player running straight for the loot box inside. He picks up every weapon and item inside- and he puts them to use mere seconds later.

They turn around to be met with a flood of enemies running into the small room. Three enemies rush in, only to be met with a back full of bullets courtesy of the player's Milano 821.

Call of Duty Warzone
Call of Duty Warzone

A teammate makes it into the bunker, but is downed almost instantly. As a gas canister deploys, the player spies more enemies hiding in the corner and finishes them off.

Before the player can revive their teammates, yet another enemy bolts through the door. They are swiftly taken care of.

Securing the perimeter, they see another teammate on the floor. The player turns to see what they're looking at.

It's another enemy, who the player riddles with bullets before being able to revive their teammates. Finally, that seems to be all of them.

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Of course, players can have their favorite places to start a game, but this is clearly more than that. The over-population of the unbalanced Warzone bunker needs to see some kind of change soon, as it's leading to some instantly game-ending combat.

A potential new Warzone map has been exposed by a glitch, so hopefully, that one won't be so unbalanced.

It's not the only new map potentially coming soon, either; Here's everything we know about the Ural Mountains map so far.

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