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Warzone UAV Zombie Strategy Is Overpowered in the Battle Royale

Warzone’s new zombies are completely overpowered in the battle royale, especially with this strategy.

In case you missed it, it’s now possible to become a zombie in Warzone, with all the abilities from Halloween’s Zombie Royale event. By themselves, zombies can definitely take a 1v1 when catching an opponent unaware, but otherwise, they’re fairly weak.

Going up against an enemy player that knows your whereabouts will often lead to a quick second death. But this insane new UAV zombie strategy is giving Warzone fans an easy win and an incredible advantage in-game.

Warzone Zombie Win
(Source: Activision)

Here’s how to become a zombie in Warzone and get things started!

Best Warzone Zombie Strategy for Wins

If you want to rack up the wins with a Warzone zombie, this new strategy will give you a leg up over the competition.

First, be sure to drop in with a full squad, but only you should drop into the new Radiation Zones. When you become a zombie, head over to your teammates and play a support role.

As a zombie, you’ll have a constant UAV on your minimap, so spotting enemy players becomes a breeze. And with no need to purchase the Scorestreak, your team can buy Warzone’s most overpowered Buy Station options instead!

Another good tip for playing a zombie supporting a human team is to use your Charged Jump to leap over enemies as your squad engages. Not only are you providing a great distraction, but using an EMP in the air will actually affect those on the ground beneath you.

Warzone New Update
(Source: Activision)

With no HUD, optics, and severe disorientation, the enemy team will almost certainly lose this fight. And chucking in a Gas Grenade for good measure will leave them coughing and unable to use their weapons altogether.

As a zombie, you’ll be able to approach enemies from angles that your squad cannot, but remember that you’re effectively just a decoy. It takes a full three swipes to down an enemy, and another three to get the kill after all.

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But one of the biggest advantages comes as the final circles close in. Warzone zombies can survive inside the gas, giving you a route to engage that most players won’t be expecting.

As you take the final fight of the game, leap into the fray and drop all your abilities at once as your team fires on the enemy. Then enjoy your ride in the helicopter after a successful win.

Of course, you’ll only win with Warzone’s most overpowered Sykov loadout right now. Even JGOD confirms that players who don’t play the Warzone meta should ‘expect to lose’.

But wins aren’t even counting towards your stats right now, causing much outrage in the Warzone community. Then again, with this overpowered Warzone zombie strategy in play, perhaps it’s for the best.

(Source: P4wnyhof)

There’s even a new legit Infinite Stim strategy in Warzone, thanks to the new Radiation Zones. But with NVIDIA DLSS support now coming to Warzone, at least spotting enemies will soon be easier than ever.

With these BIG changes coming to Warzone Season 3, fans will soon be very happy with the state of the game.

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