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Secret Two Shot Loadout for Rebirth Island Is Better Than Meta Weapons

Tired of using the same meta weapons each season? Here’s an exciting shotgun loadout for Rebirth Island that lets you two-shot your enemies.

With Season 3 of Warzone Pacific already live for over three weeks, many in the community are looking forward to the mid-season update.

Of course, fans also want Operation Monarch to stay forever as a permanent mode in the playlist!

While the latest season brought plenty of exciting new changes, several weapons have continued to dominate the guns meta.

That said, you can destroy your opponents with just two shots using a forgotten shotgun from Modern Warfare. Here’s the build you need.

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rebirth island warzone best weapon loadout attachments

Best Origin 12 Shotgun Loadout to Two Shot Enemies in Rebirth Island in Warzone Pacific Season 3

While shotguns have remained far away from the Warzone guns meta, you can find a few of them perform better than most meta SMGs, especially on Rebirth Island.

Like any other shotgun, the Origin 12 works best in the 10-meter range, up close and personal.

However, with the right set of attachments to the Origin 12, you can transform the weapon into a medium-range best. As a result, you can kill everyone, within the 40-meter range, by firing just a couple of shots.

Here’s the best Origin 12 loadout to two-shot enemies on Rebirth Island and Caldera:

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best origin 12 loadout shotgun attachments for rebirth island caldera warzone pacific season 3

Special thanks to ‘P4wnyhof‘ for sharing the above loadout. According to the Warzone veteran, the two-shot Origin 12 loadout shoots with pinpoint precision.

While the Monolithic Suppressor and PBX Holo 7 Sight significantly improves the gun’s damage range, the Tac Laser improves the ADS speed and provides stability while aiming.

Keep in mind that this loadout is best used with you aiming down the sight. While you might struggle to hit all your SMG shots at an enemy, it is fairly easy to down an opponent with a shotgun in hand.

In other news, new details about Warzone 2 map, gameplay and loadouts have come to the surface.

Also, the Mechagodzilla Tracer Pack is available in Warzone store. Considering Raven has a history of releasing buggy new content, will you get this pack?

Finally, here’s everything you need to know about the ongoing Operation Monarch in Warzone:

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Sunday 22nd of May 2022

Hey uuh I know the post is 4 days old as of right now but TBAG [Epic Gaming] made a video on the origin 12 idea 3 weeks ago pls shout him out he is a good youtuber