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Warzone Twitch Viewers Plummet Despite Pacific Update & Caldera Map

Many Twitch viewers are completely losing interest in Warzone despite the game getting a huge update and new map recently!

One of the best ways to gauge interest in a game, beyond looking at the concurrent player count, is by seeing how many people are watching it on twitch. However, it’s not looking good for Warzone on the streaming platform.

Major glitches and problems in Warzone are causing players to quit. Now, it looks like this discontent has put players off watching streamers play the game too.

Check out the shocking Warzone Twitch viewership numbers below to find out the huge extent of this problem.

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caldera warzone pacific

Why Are Warzone Twitch Views Dropping?

With Raven Software delaying Warzone Pacific Season 2, things were already looking bad for the game. However, the Twitch viewership is even more cause for concern.

A new post on the Warzone subreddit shows the latest Twitch statistics for Warzone and the viewer count has plummeted over the last 6 months. In fact, the number of Warzone Twitch viewers is less than half of what it was in June 2021.

But why has Warzone Twitch viewership taken a nosedive in recent times?

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Warzone Twitch Views graph

Of course, one of the major factors in Warzone’s Twitch viewership dropping is to do with streamers themselves. NICKMERCS quitting Warzone for Apex Legends would have had a huge impact on views but doesn’t explain the massive dropoff.

Activision would have hoped that the new Warzone map would revive interest in the game, but this hasn’t been the case so far. A small spike in interest was followed by discontent and now Warzone players are completely bored of Caldera.

This, combined with other ongoing issues with Warzone has led to players being fed up with both playing and watching the game.

Hackers are taking over Warzone yet again, players are finding it “almost impossible” to keep up with the weapons meta and there are still game-breaking Warzone issues on console. Therefore, it’s no surprise that interest in the game is reaching an all-time low.

Hopefully, Raven Software finds a way to bring back interest to Warzone so the Twitch viewers come back. However, it might take something as drastic as the fan-requested ‘Warzone 2.0’ with MW2 to get players hyped about the game again.

Meanwhile, with a new season coming soon, there is a huge opportunity to revive some interest in the game. Here are 5 things we need in Warzone Pacific Season 2.

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