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Warzone Trick Gives Players an Instant Loadout in Solos

Want to get an instant loadout in Warzone Solos? Here’s how to beat the competition!

When it comes to playing Warzone Solos, grabbing your loadout first is essential to securing the victory. After all, without the tactics of team-based combat, fights often come down to which player is more prepared in the battle royale.

Now, one player has come up with the best strategy to get the fastest loadout possible in Call of Duty: Warzone. And we have to say, having seen this tactic in action, it’s basically an instant loadout at the start of your Warzone Solos game.

Warzone Instant Loadout Solos
(Source: Activision)

That’s not to say that it wouldn’t work in Quads or Trios, but it’s certainly a nice strategy to try out when you’re on your own!

Use the following guide and bring in Warzone Season 2’s most broken class as fast as possible.

How to Get Loadout Fast in Warzone Solos

In a new video upload by Warzone YouTuber Westie, the user shows viewers exactly how to get an instant loadout in-game.

Interestingly, doing this tactic could also allow you to discover the Black Ops Cold War Crossbow which is appearing inside Warzone early.

Warzone Solos
(Source: Activision)

If you’re looking to secure your loadout quick, here’s what you need to do:

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  • When dropping in, race to the inside of Stadium as fast as possible.
  • Grab a gun if you pass it, as this is a popular spot for players to drop, and you may need to immediately defend yourself.
  • Head upstairs and inside one of the Stadium’s server rooms, which are packed with Orange Supply Boxes.
  • Loot up for a good chance at being able to afford your loadout already! You can also find this unreleased and overpowered weapon in Orange Supply Boxes, which will help you win with ease.
  • Head towards the Buy Station located outside Stadium, grabbing any cash and opening any boxes you find along the way.
  • By the time you make it there, the $10,000 required will likely already be yours!

Then, use our guide on how to win Warzone Solo matches easily, and enjoy your game!

But while this instant Warzone loadout strategy is something to behold, it won’t be possible for long. After all, it looks like we won’t be returning to Verdansk in Warzone Season 3.

Another great way to secure early-game loot is to go to the prison, where Warzone’s new Zombies are currently camping out. However, there you’ll have to kill a horde of undead and avoid far more enemy players.

(Source: Westie)

Yesterday, the first image of the new Warzone map leaked online, and the internet went crazy. Although Warzone fans are bored of waiting for more content, it looks like we’ll only be holding out for one last season.

But will the new Warzone map be moving to the Black Ops Cold War engine? We’ve got answers to all your questions!

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