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Warzone Train Glitch Is Killing Unlucky Players & Ruining Games

Beware this glitch before you hop on the train in Warzone again!

The train is one of the hottest spots on the Warzone map. Carrying loads of legendary loot boxes, the beginning of every game has at least a few squads dropping on the train.

However, it is more than just a great spot for loot, it is also one of the quickest ways to get across the map. Many players hop on the train for a quick trip across Verdansk, but you might want to hold off on that for now…

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Warzone Train

Warzone Train Glitch

Many Warzone players have recently been reporting issues with the Verdansk train in Warzone. It has been killing some unlucky players who are just riding the train normally.

This could be related to annoying friendly fire vehicle glitch that was plaguing Warzone recently.

The problem with the train is that many players are finding that it kills them when they climb on the carriages or over the boxes it is carrying. Players don’t know why this is happening, but it is a problem that is ruining games for many.

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Warzone Train Loot Boxes

The clip below shows one of the worst examples of this Warzone train glitch yet.

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The player climbed over a box on the train and was then downed. However, the impact threw him so far up in the sky that he was eliminated by fall damage when he hit the ground again.

Hopefully, Warzone developer Raven Software fixes this train glitch soon. Although, the developer still has a number of more important fixes to make first, including a fix for the terrible lighting in Verdansk ’84.

Meanwhile, cheating in Warzone is becoming a major problem again, despite many efforts to stop it. Some hackers are now using custom operator skins using cheat software.

At least Warzone has toxicity under control though. Activision has banned over 350,000 toxic Call of Duty players in the last year.

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