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Warzone Tracker Apps Breaking After Activision Privacy Changes

A new privacy settings update has been causing trouble for Call Of Duty: Warzone progress tracking apps.

A new change in the privacy department at Activision has prompted problems for various Warzone progress tracking apps.

For many, it seemed like it was only a matter of time until Activision cracked down on these third parties, but it still comes as a frustration.

It’s prompted more anger towards developers, as these tracker apps had a reputation for being able to locate cheaters and hackers in-game. They’ve become popular as a result of outrage at a new Warzone companion app.

Call of Duty Warzone app Tracker glitch
Call of Duty’s Warzone Companion app

What Do These Trackers Do?

Progress trackers do pretty much what they say on the tin. Login to any of these sites, and they’ll keep an eye on your kills, deaths, Warzone SBMM stats and more.

Their ability to locate cheaters in-game has also helped them to become popular, helping players to finally play in cheat-free lobbies.

A few sites and apps have popped up since Warzone’s debut. COD.tracker is the most popular, with and following closely after.

Call fo Duty Warzone tracker app glitch
A Warzone Squad

Warzone Trackers Are Breaking

The Warzone trackers have been broken due to a change in Activision’s privacy settings, keeping the trackers from cracking the seal and peeking at your stats on your behalf. CODTracker said the following on Twitter:

“We’re aware of issues regarding an inaccurate “Private Profile” error on #Warzone and #BlackOpsColdWar profiles. This is due to an issue with the Activision services which we rely on.”

They also put out this statement on their website:

“If you are having issues seeing your profile, please give us a little bit of time. We’re still trying to figure out what all changed and how to best fix the site. […] Thank you for your patience”

The problem has been an annoyance for many, but thankfully, it’s one that’s easily remedied. Here’s how to get your stats back…

How to Make Your Call of Duty Stats Public Again

When looking at your stats on a tracker website after this privacy update, you’re likely to receive an error that says your profile is “privatized”. The change has set all profiles to the “friends and external tournaments” setting, but thankfully, this is easily remedied.

In order to set your account to public, you’ll have to log into the Call of Duty website and find the “account preferences” page. Once there, click the “account linking” tab to access your connected accounts from Xbox, Playstation, Battle.Net and Steam; whichever you choose to play with.

In order to make your stats accessible by trackers, you need to set your searchable and data visible stats to “all”. If they are already like this, try setting them to “none” and then back to “all”.

call of duty warzone lake app tracker glitch
Warzone’s frozen lake

Once you’ve completed this simple step you may have to wait around half an hour for your Warzone stats to be accessible. But at least you’ll be able to effectively track your progress again!

Players will be glad to see this bug fixed, as Warzone has been littered with glitches recently. Downed players have been shooting, helicopters have been instantly exploding, and the gung-ho perk has been exploited.

Still, at least the game-breaking infinite Stim glitch has been patched out.

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