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Warzone: Get the Tortured & Rescued Adler Skin for Free in Season 3

If you’re looking to grab the new Tortured & Rescued skin for Russell Adler in Warzone Season 3, here’s how to do it.

Right now in the Warzone storyline, things aren’t looking so good for Adler. Despite saving the world in the canon campaign ending, Adler has had a rough time in the Cold War and Warzone updates so far.

At the end of Season 1, the soldier was captured by Stitch and tortured by his rival. Since then, the Call of Duty storyline has been following attempts to bring Adler home, and the time has finally come for the character to return.

In a recent Hunt for Adler Warzone and Cold War event, players were completing challenges to earn Adler’s new Tortured & Rescued skin.

Warzone Black Ops Cold War hunt for Adler
(Source: Activision)

However, players quickly discovered that the Hunt for Adler missions were bugged and wouldn’t complete. Despite Black Ops Cold War fans having no issues, Warzone users weren’t so lucky.

Developer Raven Software promised a solution to the issues but the event is now complete. So how can you get the Tortured & Rescued Adler skin in Warzone Season 3 now?

How to Get the Tortured & Rescued Adler skin in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War

If you’re one of the unlucky players who didn’t get the new Tortured & Rescued Adler skin in Warzone or Black Ops Cold War, it’s not too late.

Despite the event coming to an end, there’s a new way to attain the cosmetic in Warzone exclusively. However, the other rewards that came with the Hunt for Adler event such as Calling Cards, Emblems, and more, are likely lost forever.

As an apology for the issues completing events in the recent event, Raven Software is giving out the new Adler skin for free in-game.

tortured & rescued Adler skin Warzone
(Source: Activision)

To claim you Tortured & Rescued Adler skin, simply log into Warzone during Season 3. This also goes for players who want to use the cosmetic in Black Ops Cold War.

We’re sure some Multiplayer fans will be downloading Warzone’s tremendous file size just to grab the exclusive skin. Because this is likely your last chance to get the cosmetic ever, it’s definitely worth claiming.

Raven Software also announced that major changes are coming to the Warzone Streetsweeper in an upcoming update. What’s more, the developer is even telling fans which Warzone guns are getting a nerf next!

Seeing as the most popular weapons are getting hit, here’s the best Warzone gun to use after the nerf wave!

And it looks like Raven isn’t the only body at work in the battle royale right now. After all, Warzone is getting a new developer in Season 3 – which is sure to have players anxious.

Right now, Raven Software is finally making big changes to Warzone SBMM and even stepping up the anti-cheat. Let’s hope the new development team can follow in its footsteps.

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