Warzone has a brand-new mode to explore, but what exactly is Titanium Trials: Endurance? We’ve got a full breakdown for you here.

It’s time for Warzone Season 4 Reloaded, and Mercenaries of Fortune isn’t done with dropping content yet. After the mid-season update, players will find a new mode waiting for them in the lobby.

Titanium Trials: Endurance is a new mode that’s only for the most competitive of players. Inspired by the success of Iron Trials, Titanium Trials ties into the upcoming Terminator crossover with Warzone.

This time around, enemies are tougher and more resilient – but so are you. With a much higher TTK, expect an even higher skill gap in Caldera this time around…

Warzone Season 4 Reloaded

What Is Warzone Titanium Trials: Endurance?

Warzone’s new Titanium Trials: Endurance is a new limited time mode in Season 4 Reloaded. In it, players will have 300 hit points in total, allowing them to take more damage before going down.

Additionally, the Tempered Perk, allowing players to fully gear up with just 2 armor plates, will appear more frequently as ground loot.

Titanium Trials starts players off with a Self-Revive kit to help you out if you go down. However, as a trade-off, it takes longer for your core health regen to restore your life.

Those that equip the OP Serpentine Perk in Warzone may feel like they’re living forever!

Finally, the loot pool will also see some changes in-game. Powerful Redacted weapons return, which can be even more powerful than your loadout guns.

But good luck finding the rare ground loot, as Caldera will host fewer resources overall, to encourage aggressive play. Even loadouts will cost more, though their higher price point does decrease throughout the match.

Warzone Titanium Trials Endurance

Titanium Trials Start & End Date

  • Start Date: August 11
  • End Date: August 25

Warzone Titanium Trials: Endurance lasts for 2 weeks only. With that in mind, expect the LTM to disappear for good on August 25.

But besides a challenging in-game experience, what does Titanium Trials offer fans?

All Titanium Trials: Endurance Challenges & Rewards

Those who ‘prove your worth as a Terminator’ in the Endurance mode will be able to complete 8 challenges in total.

Here’s the full list of in-game challenges and rewards available in Titanium Trials:

  1. Terminated
    Complete 1 execution
    Reward: Battle Pass 2XP Token
  2. They’ll Live
    Revive 10 Players
    Reward: Weapon 2XP Token
  3. Hasta La Vista, Baby
    Win a Gulag 5 time
    Reward: Epic ‘Titanium Chrome’ Vanguard Weapon Camo
  4. I’ll Be Back
    Achieve a Top 10 finish
    Reward: ‘I’ll Be Back’ Calling Card
  5. I Know Why You Cry
    Win 1 Time
    Reward: ‘I Know Why You Cry’ Calling Card
  6. I Sense Injuries
    Win 2 Times
    Reward: ‘I Sense Injuries’ Calling Card
  7. No Problemo
    Win 3 Times
    Reward: ‘No Problemo’ Calling Card
  8. I Need a Vacation
    Win 4 Times
    Reward: Battle Pass Tier Skip

And when all 8 challenges are complete, players will unlock the Ultra ‘Liquid Metal’ weapon camo. Plus, Activision is even giving out several hidden rewards for the most dedicated Titanium Trials players.

Warzone Terminator

Warzone Titanium Trials Secret Challenges

There are also a number of secret challenges for players to complete. However, it is worth noting that you will have to purchase both of the Terminator Operator Bundles to complete all of them.

This is because the challenges to unlock Calling Cards require equipping the T-800 or T-1000 operator.

  1. Thumbs Up
    Win a Titanium Trials victory as the T-800 Operator
    Reward: ‘Thumbs Up’ Animated Calling Card
  2. Cyberdyne Systems
    Win a Titanium Trials victory as the T-1000 Operator
    Reward: ‘Cyberdyne Systems’ Calling Card
  3. Terminated
    Killing a Terminator Operator, while dressed as a Terminator
    Reward: ‘Terminated’ Calling Card
  4. I’ll Be Back
    Win 5 times in Titanium Trials
    Reward: ‘I’ll Be Back’ Player Title
  5. Hasta La Vista, Baby
    Win 10 times in Titanium Trials
    Reward: ‘Hasta La Vista, Baby’ Player title
  6. The Terminator
    Win 15 times in Titanium Trials
    Reward: ‘The Terminator’ Player Title
  7. Skynet
    Win 20 times in Titanium Trials
    Reward: Ultra ‘The Terminator’ Progression Calling Card (Animated)
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