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Warzone Time to Kill Has Halved Since Launch, Claims Pro Player

Warzone’s Time to Kill or TTK has halved in the last year, according to this pro player.

A battle royale’s Time To Kill (TTK) is incredibly important when it comes to making a satisfying multiplayer experience. In the past, shooter fans have praised Warzone for its excellent TTK but it seems that is a thing of the past now.

Ever since the introduction of Black Ops Cold War weapons in Warzone, TTK has taken a nosedive. Just look at these devastating Warzone clips of the DMR in its prime.

(Source: Activision)

Even after the inevitable DMR nerf, Warzone still has an extremely low TTK these days. And it’s ruining the experience for many long-term fans.

Warzone’s TTK Change Since March 2020

In a series of new posts on Twitter, Warzone pro player MrProWestie posts his thoughts on the current TTK.

The player takes issue with the current meta weapons in Warzone. We’re talking, of course, about the FFAR and the AUG – two devastating guns that shred through enemies in a second.

Here are the best loadouts for each weapon, for those wanting to try the guns for themselves:

According to MrProWestie, these two weapons are responsible for a massive decrease in Warzone’s overall TTK.

“The FFAR and AUG need a good bloody yeet out of the Warzone meta. I disliked the Kilo MP5 meta. I hated the DMR meta. But I want to nuke out of existence the FFAR AUG meta.”

(Source: Activision)

The user informs readers that Warzone launched with a TTK of around 750-850ms when at the maximum 250 health. However now, a year later, the TTK is currently sitting at nearer 450ms.

This shows a severe decrease of almost half the necessary Time to Kill, and it’s becoming a real issue. Because of this, and a selection of other issues too, many users are labeling Warzone as being unplayable in Season 2.

But TTK isn’t the only huge problem with Cold War guns in Warzone right now. Thankfully, a huge nerf is coming soon to Warzone’s most overpowered gun.

But in the meantime, hopefully, Raven Software will be able to listen to MrProWestie‘s request for a longer TTK in Warzone.

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