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Warzone Tier 100 Operator Skin Is Still Invisible – No Fix Announced

It appears that Warzone is still having issues with its Season 1 Tier 100 Operator skin being invisible in-game.

Warzone Pacific is a nice change of pace for the Battle Royale. After almost 2 years of waiting, we have a new map to enjoy and a lot of new weapons to try out.

Unfortunately, Caldera is riddled with a lot of major issues right now. Not only is Krampus ruining Warzone games over the holidays, but the map itself has problems too.

These glitches and issues are preventing Warzone from being fun in its current state. And on top of that, there are some incredibly overpowered guns in Warzone Pacific too, despite balance being generally good.

Warzone Pacific

But the biggest problem is something else entirely. For over 2 weeks now, one Warzone Operator skin has been almost entirely invisible!

Warzone Invisible Operator Glitch Still Ruining Games

It appears that invisible Operators are still running around Warzone, with the Season 1 Tier 100 skin being completely broken in-game.

Grinding out a Battle Pass will often reward Warzone players with a brand-new skin to show off. This reward is meant to be a sign of a dedicated Warzone player, not one trying to game the system.

Unfortunately, evidence suggests that Warzone is becoming more Pay to Win lately. And unfortunately, this season’s Tier 100 skin acts as further proof of the game’s deterioration.

It seems that when using the Awoken Legendary skin for Francis, players become almost completely invisible. When more than 30 meters away from a player, this Operator appears only as a floating mask and gun.

Warzone Invisible Operator Francis

Yet after weeks of documentation, the invisible Operator glitch isn’t even appearing on the Warzone Trello board. And while Raven Software is likely enjoying a break for the holidays, Warzone is unplayable for the time being.

We’ve seen some Pay to Win Warzone skins in the past, but this one is particularly bad. And it’s almost certainly inspiring some players to buy out the Battle Pass to get access to it early.

UPDATE: Raven Software has now fixed the invisible Operator bug, as of the January 5 update! The rest of the article continues as follows:

After all, Warzone just had a massive cheater ban wave thanks to RICOCHET. But now players don’t need to actually cheat to appear invisible in-game.

But Raven being out of the office isn’t all bad news! After all, it means that you can take advantage of this fast weapon level up glitch in Warzone before it gets a patch.

Right now, casual Warzone players have no chance of keeping up with the meta. So it helps to take advantage of all the exploits possible, except the ones that make you invisible…

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