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Warzone Player Discovers Amazing Throwing Knife Strategy

This Warzone player shows off their amazing new Throwing Knife strategy in an incredible battle royale clip.

If you’re looking for the best Lethal Equipment to use in Warzone, look no further than the Throwing Knife. This amazing tool is capable of almost downing an enemy in one hit, but it serves another purpose too.

It may not have the destructive power or range of a grenade, but one area where the Throwing Knife excels is in its speed.

warzone throwing knife
(Source: Activision)

And that’s exactly what Reddit user RestoredX123 capitalizes on, in a new video that might as well be a Throwing Knife montage.

If you think Warzone melee attacks are overpowered, wait until you see what happens when melee weapons start getting thrown.

Best Way to Use Warzone Throwing Knife

In a new clip posted to the Warzone subreddit, RestoredX123 shows players the best way to use a Throwing Knife. Since the equipment isn’t a one-hit kill guaranteed, initiating combat with a knife isn’t the best strategy.

However, what the Throwing Knife excels at are finishing blows. Once you down an enemy in Warzone, they have plenty of time to reveal your position to approaching squad members.

Unfortunately, even downed players take a good portion of your weapon’s magazine to finish off. But they’ll die instantly to a well-placed Throwing Knife.

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In the following clip, RestoredX123 shows some exceptional uses of a Throwing Knife, as well as some tremendous in-game movement.

By staying on the move and using their knife to confirm each kill, the Warzone player racks up a 5-man body count in no time.

This might overtake JackFrag’s new discovery for the most underrated weapon in Warzone.

Add the Throwing Knife to NICKMERCS’ new “Max Damage” DMR 14 class, and you’ve got a good chance at victory. However, some popular YouTubers are claiming that Warzone isn’t worth playing anymore.

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