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Warzone ‘The Numbers’ Season 5 Event Leak Reveals Voice Lines & More

A new Warzone leak has revealed the voice lines as well as possible new information about the Season 5 ‘The Numbers’ event coming soon.

Some of the most exciting Warzone content comes in the form of events. While these don’t usually stick around for long, it gives the player base something to look forward to, and possibly even a new game mode and some new items to unlock.

While Raven has not revealed much about the upcoming Warzone event called ‘The Numbers’, a new leak has shed some more light on it.

But first, check out everything new in the Warzone Season 5 update.

Warzone Season 5

Warzone ‘The Numbers’ Event Voice Lines Leak – New Details & More

Raven Software has already announced some information about the ‘The Numbers’ event, but players still have many questions. Now, a new leak has answered many of those.

Warzone dataminer @BreadisModding has uncovered audio files from the upcoming ‘The Numbers’ event within the Warzone game files. The voice lines uncover what exactly the event will be about.

While Raven has already revealed that the event will involve the mysterious Red Doors in Verdansk, this new Warzone leak reveals what players will be doing, thanks to the uncovered voice lines.

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Warzone Red Door

The voice lines, said by Perseus operator Stitch, include all of the numbers up to 26, alongside instructions. He orders players to “hack the terminals” and “secure the room”.

Going off of what is said, this Warzone leak for the ‘The Numbers’ event seemingly hints at a new limited-time game mode where two teams fight to hack terminals first and uncover important information. Although, nothing about this event has been confirmed yet, so stay tuned for more updates.

Luckily, we already know all about the new 50v50 Warzone game mode ‘Clash‘. This means even if this ‘The Numbers’ event leak isn’t hinting at a new Warzone game mode, players will still have something new to play.

Meanwhile, Warzone YouTuber JGOD has revealed if Warzone is dying before Season 5. This has been a major topic of conversation within the community, especially since NICKMERCS quit Warzone.

Finally, the new Season 5 update will also be introducing two new perks to Warzone for the first time ever. Find out how they work:

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