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Warzone ‘The Numbers’ Event Explained – Live Now

Warzone has a new in-game event called ‘The Numbers’ – here’s everything you need to know:

Right now, Warzone is getting something of a resurgence. While Warzone cheaters are still running rampant, there are some positives that are pulling players back to the game.

First of all, we just got new details about the upcoming Pacific Warzone map reveal.

And alongside the drop of the Vanguard map, we’re of course getting the long-awaited Warzone anti-cheat too!

Warzone Season 5
(Source: Activision)

At present, we also have one of the best game modes Warzone has ever received – Iron Trials ’84.

And some mysterious new [REDACTED] weapons are arriving in Warzone too. You’ll definitely want to get your hands on them if you get the opportunity!

Warzone & Black Ops Cold War ‘The Numbers’ Event

Warzone Season 5 has been all about the mysterious digits, and The Numbers event is bringing more than just new content to the game.

In a new tweet, we finally learn exactly what The Numbers event has in store for players when it arrives in Warzone.

It appears that players will be tasked with hearing various numbers broadcasts around Verdansk. And in doing so, you’ll unlock a fancy new weapon in Warzone!

Here are all the Mobile Broadcast Locations in Warzone to help you complete the challenges quickly and easily!

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The Numbers event is now live on September 21 in Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

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We’re already getting huge leaks for the Warzone Numbers event, including voice lines and more!

Warzone Numbers
(Source: Activision)

And it looks as though Mason is joining Warzone Season 6 after a shocking betrayal from one of our favorite Operators… If there’s a soldier who knows a thing or two about The Numbers, it’s certainly him.

In fact, every Operator in Black Ops Cold War has already asked Mason what The Numbers mean – at least in these hidden game files! It seems like the game’s final season has been a long time coming.

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