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Warzone The Haunting Trailer Reveals Ghosts of Verdansk, SCREAM, More

We hope you’re ready for the Warzone Halloween event ‘The Haunting’, complete with new game modes, Operators, and more.

It’s that time of year again where Warzone gets spooky, and the game has certainly changed since the last time we were hear. This will be our final Halloween on Verdansk, and Raven Software aims to make it count with another Haunting event.

Last year’s Haunting of Verdansk brought a new undead mode to the game. And Zombie Royale was so popular that Warzone fans wanted it to stay forever.

Warzone & Cold War 'The Haunting' Event

Of course, it also brought Warzone jumpscares to the game which frightened some players to their (in-game) death! We’re not so thrilled to see that that feature may be returning too.

But before we head over to the new Warzone Pacific map and anti-cheat system, here’s what we’ll see in this year’s Warzone Haunting event.

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Warzone The Haunting Halloween Event Revealed

Warzone’s ‘The Haunting’ Halloween event begins October 19 – here’s what’s coming in this year’s event!

The official reveal is finally here, and we know what’s coming in this year’s Haunting. This year, Ghostface (Scream) and Frank the Rabbit (Donnie Darko) will be coming to the battle royale, complete with exclusive bundles to unlock.

What’s more, we’ll be heading back to Verdansk’s night mode at long last. Hopefully now that the notorious Roze skin is no longer an issue, enemies will be a little easier to see.

That said, hackers are already using Ghostface skins in Warzone, and the black cloak will certainly blend into darker corners.

Warzone The Haunting Ghostface Skin

Ghosts of Verdansk Mode

In the new Warzone Ghosts of Verdansk mode, players will aim to be the last man standing, as usual. However, this time dying means you’re joining the undead team once again.

Unlike in Zombie Royale, this time you’ll be a Ghost in Verdansk, complete with your own supernatural powers. But enjoy it while you can, as past evidence suggests the mode won’t stick around for long.

Ghosts will be able to use Super Jumps to soar through the air, Teleports to close the gap quickly, and a Spectral Blast to stun Operators and disable vehicles.

ghosts of verdansk game mode

Ghosts can claw enemies to death until they drop their souls. Then, by exchanging three souls, Ghosts can return to the land of the living.

Specters can also perform a horrifying Finishing Move to instantly return to life, however, this move can be interrupted. Living players will need to find Sacred Ground for a temporary safe haven against the undead threat.

A new Fear meter is also in play, and the more Fear you rack up, the more horrific hallucinations you encounter! Getting shot at, camping, and seeing dead bodies will raise your fear level, but getting kills, reviving allies, and remaining within Sacred Ground will help you stay sane.

Unfortunately, cheaters might ruin Warzone’s Haunting event this year, as the issue is becoming unbearable for many players.

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ghosts of verdansk

And it seems that Warzone’s new anti-cheat files are leaking to cheat manufacturers already! Could this mean that we’ll never get a return to the cheater-free battle royale we had in March 2020?

Finally, Vanguard weapons are arriving in Warzone Season 6.

But are the Vanguard guns overpowered with 10 Gunsmith slots in the battle royale?

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