Unleash your inner superhero in Warzone with Vought’s revolutionary Temp V super serum that gives players powers.

This alchemical Field Upgrade holds the key to extraordinary abilities, transforming ordinary Operators into formidable Supes.

From Al Mazrah to Ashika Island to Vondel, this item can be found no matter which location you decide to drop into. But beware, time is of the essence. Temp V won’t be available forever, so make your way to the battlefield to wield this power.

How to Find Temp V in Warzone

Temp V is a Field Upgrade which means Warzone players can find it in the following ways:

  • Opening crates
  • Finding it as part of ground loot
  • Killing enemy Operators who have one

There is no guaranteed way to find Temp V, so Operators will have to rely on luck for obtaining this item.

The Temp V super powers are available in all Warzone game modes, including DMZ. However, it is disabled for Ranked Play. Additionally, Temp V is a lot rarer to find while playing DMZ.

Starlight EMP Warzone Temp V power

All Temp V Super Powers in Warzone

There are four different Temp V super powers in Warzone. They are:

  • Charge Jump
    • The players will receive an additional jumping capability that enables them to swiftly traverse the entire map. While this ability is active, players will be immune to any fall damage, and upon landing, a powerful shockwave will be generated, causing damage to nearby operators.
  • Electric Shockwave
    • Players will be equipped with an electrifying blast acting as a “Super-EMP,” which will unleash a devastating explosion. This explosion will not only inflict damage upon players in the surrounding area but also disable vehicles and render equipment unusable.
  • Laser Vision
    • The Operator will possess the ability of Laser Vision, granting them the power to levitate and unleash laser beams that can cut through enemy players. However, it’s important to note that while utilizing this ability, players will remain susceptible to bullets.
  • Teleport
    • When activated, players will gain the ability to teleport instantaneously in the direction they are facing. This teleportation ability will prove particularly useful when players need to swiftly disengage from a fight.

Consuming the Temp V Field Upgrade will grant one of these super powers at random. There is no way to choose which you receive.

Homelander with Temp V laser vision in Warzone
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