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Warzone Teaser Hints That Zombies Will Take Over Downtown Bank Next

The Zombies in Warzone are headed to the bank in Downtown next. Check out the cool teaser here.

The zombies spreading in Warzone shouldn’t come as a surprise to any players now. Zombies first arrived in Verdansk at the beginning of Season 2 and moved to many locations since.

First, they headed to prison and the undead horde are currently hanging around in Verdansk’s Hospital. This prompted players to ask where the zombies were headed next.

warzone verdansk zombies

Warzone Zombies Head to Downtown Bank

The zombie invasion in Warzone has been a major disappointment for some players. However, that won’t stop the undead horde from taking over another major landmark in Verdansk.

Activision has been sending Warzone content creators various items to hint where the zombies are going to move next. For instance, Activision sent a hospital gown as their last teaser.

This latest hint is a piggy bank, which points towards Bank in Downtown being the next hotspot for zombies in Warzone.

This also could help prove that a huge leak was accurate. Check out all of the upcoming zombie spawn locations in Warzone here.

Warzone Verdansk Bank

The piggy bank comes along with a message that says:

Acropolis National Bank has been operating as a zombie institution for years, but nobody thought their assets would end up six feet under… Hope you have Diamond Hands, Operator

Shared by @WhosImmortal

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This all but confirms that Bank is the zombies’ next stop on their Warzone farewell tour of Verdansk. That’s right – the leaked Plague game mode for Warzone could lead to Verdansk being nuked.

Meanwhile, Warzone players are calling the game “unplayable” at the moment. This is for a number of reasons.

This totally overpowered Warzone gun needs to get a nerf soon. Also, even worse than super-powerful weapons, Warzone’s cheating problem is even worse than ever.

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