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Latest Warzone Teaser Reveals More Details About Nuke Event

A new teaser has revealed a little bit more about what players can expect from the huge Warzone nuke event!

The hype for the upcoming nuke event in Warzone could get any higher. Players are eagerly awaiting to watch the events unfold tonight.

However, if you want a little hint of what could be going down, check out this latest teaser from Activision.

Warzone Nuke Live Event Time & Date Announced in Season 3 Teaser

Warzone Nuke Event Teaser

In case you didn’t know the Warzone nuke event is finally happening really soon. Find out how to watch or play the Warzone nuke event here.

Warzone content creators have previously shared small teasers they have received from Activision. Now, Activision has sent out another teaser to content creators which reveals what players can expect in tonight’s big event.

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The package includes a hazmat suit and as well as a message teasing some information about the Warzone nuke event. The message says:

“The whole Dam Warzone is overrun. Containment protocols have failed. Recommend immediate evac. April 21st 12PM PT”.

call of duty warzone gas mask

Therefore, the nuke event could be started by the zombies taking over Verdansk. Or it could be to do with the spreading radiation zones that turn players into zombies.

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This hint also sounds very similar to a previously leaked game mode. Could the new Plague game mode be coming to Warzone soon?

Make sure to tune into the Warzone nuke event to find out what actually goes down. Check out the time and date of the Warzone nuke event here.

Meanwhile, there is a load of new content coming in Warzone and Cold War Season 3:

Additionally, even more information about the 1980s Verdansk map has been revealed.

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