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New Warzone TV Station Easter Egg Teases End of Verdansk

Warzone players have discovered a new tease that hints at the end of Verdansk. It looks as though Treyarch may be teasing the destruction event through a rather strange easter egg.

The Warzone community has been hard at work discussing the rumor that Verdansk may be destroyed in a new event. Now, it appears that these rumors may turn out to be true after Treyarch themselves add a new tease to capture player attention.

Here is everything that you need to know about the Warzone TV station tease, including where to find it and what it means for the future of Warzone.

Warzone TV Station Tease Hints At Verdansk Destruction

Interestingly, players have managed to uncover a secret in Verdansk TV station which points at the end of Verdansk. The new tease has started to appear for a number of players in-game and signals that a change is underway.

A while ago we reported on a Warzone map leak that revealed the end of Verdansk event. It appears that these rumors may have been confirmed by Treyarch in this latest tease.

It is believed that Verdansk will be completely destroyed in an event that is set to revolutionize the map or add an entirely new one. As of right now, players do not know what to expect for the future of Verdansk, although there are some interesting theories.

For example, there are many that believe that the map will be destroyed in a nuclear event. Funnily enough, Warzone nuke event teases have been in the Battle Royale since the game's launch.

Warzone End of Verdansk
The End of Verdansk?

Furthermore, due to the fact Warzone has zombies spreading across the map at the moment, many are wondering where they will go next. Many think that the existence of zombies in Warzone is enough cause to nuke the entire map, to prevent it from getting any worse.

Similarly, another Warzone leaker has claimed that Verdansk "will never return" after the nuke event. This could mean that players should expect to see an entirely new Warzone map and experience, or at least a drastically different one.

The new Warzone TV Station easter egg has possibly teased the end of Warzone's Verdansk map. The new easter egg can be found in the hut near the TV Station.

The easter egg concerns the map which players may be able to spot on the wall. Upon closer inspection players might realize that they are looking at Verdansk.

Interestingly, however, if players stare at the map, the easter egg will trigger. Take a look at the new tease down below to see it in action for yourself:

(Source: Twitter)

Courtesy of CharlieINTEL on Twitter, we can see the easter egg which shows off the new tease. As you might notice, the map begins to explode and then change, this could hint at the map being destroyed via a nuclear explosion.

Furthermore, currently, Warzone's zombies have taken over Hospital. It looks like they are showing no signs of slowing down. If this invasion keeps up, it looks like Treyarch will have no choice but to nuke Verdansk...

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