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Warzone Sykov Release Date Revealed by Leaker – Best New Gun?

Is this the release date for the Sykov pistol in Warzone?

Fans of Modern Warfare were disappointed when the game didn’t receive a seventh season of content. This was even more disappointing for some as more operators and weapons were in the game’s files but were not released.

However, it looks like these guns could be on the way soon. The release date for the most hyped weapon of them all, the Sykov, could have finally been revealed.


Warzone Sykov Release Date

Players have been excited about the prospect of the Sykov pistol entering Warzone ever since a player found a hidden blueprint of the gun in Warzone’s Plunder mode.

Then, some gameplay footage of the Sykov showed that it could be the most powerful gun ever seen in Warzone. YouTuber JGOD then revealed the insane TTK stats for the fully automatic, akimbo Sykov pistol.

Nothing has been seen of the Sykov for a couple of months in Warzone, despite the overpowered RAAL MG and CX-90 being found as Warzone floor loot.

However, reliable Warzone leaker Talisdoll has revealed the dates for all of the upcoming store bundles and the Sykov is in one of them.

sykov modern warfare early unlock

Sparks Operator Bundle

The unreleased Sparks Operator bundle for Modern Warfare and Warzone is supposedly going to release on April 15. This contains a legendary blueprint for the Sykov.

Therefore, Warzone players can expect that the potentially overpowered pistol will arrive next week.

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This information is from a datamine and Activision has not formally announced a release date. However, TalisDoll is a very reliable source for Call of Duty leaks.

This upcoming operator bundle could also link with the leaked Destruction of Verdansk event, which will see the current Warzone map be destroyed by a nuke.

Meanwhile, the latest Warzone update has just arrived. Check out the full patch notes for the April 6 Warzone update.

Also, the Sykov could definitely become the most powerful gun in Warzone after this latest FFAR nerf.

Finally, the leaked Ural Mountains map for Warzone might not be coming any time soon.

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