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Is The Warzone Sykov Pistol Still Overpowered After The Nerf?

The Sykov pistol in Warzone has gotten a big nerf, but was it enough?

The new Sykov pistol has totally taken over Warzone since it was added last Thursday. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone not using these pocket-sized powerhouses.

Luckily, a Sykov nerf has arrived with the latest update. But is the pistol still OP?

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Best Sykov Loadout Warzone

Warzone Sykov Pistol Nerf

The surprise April 19 update for Warzone brought a load of welcome changes, including the highly-requested nerf to the Sykov pistol. However, the changes made to it have no stopped complaints from players saying it is the most overpowered gun in Warzone ever.

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Sykov Still OP?

The main changes to the Sykov come in the form of attachment changes. Raven intended to stop the best full-auto Akimbo Sykov loadout in Warzone from being too powerful.

However, the nerfs have missed the mark. For instance, the biggest nerf to the gun came to the movement speed.

Best Sykov Loadout Warzone

When using Akimbo and the 85 Round Drum Mags, your movement speed is a whopping 10% lower, which makes you move even slower than some LMGs.

The nerf also includes a reduction to the hipfire accuracy when using the Sorokin 140mm Auto barrel and a huge 25% reduction to the damage when using that barrel in conjunction with Akimbo.

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However, that nerf isn’t anywhere near enough. The Sykov is still broken after the nerf and you can still kill players faster than the FFAR, according to JGOD‘s stats.

Therefore, many Warzone players are hoping for another nerf to the pistol’s damage down the line. Let’s hope we see it as part of the Season 3 update coming to Warzone soon.

Also, be sure to check out the early patch notes for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 3.

Meanwhile, JGOD has also revealed what could be the meta weapons in Warzone Season 3.

Finally, with a Roze skin nerf coming to Warzone soon, something has to take its place. This could be the next OP skin in Warzone.

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