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Warzone Swiss K31 New Reticle Glitch in Season 4 Reloaded Update

Warzone players are suffering from a frustrating problem with one of the most popular snipers in the game. A glitch has made the new Swiss K31 Reticle useless.

Sniping in any game is very difficult. Even if Warzone is quite forgiving with aim assist and bullet drop, it still takes a lot of skill to regularly get headshots.

However, you also need a scope with a fully aligned reticle to be accurate at long ranges. Unfortunately, Warzone players have found out that the brand-new reticle for the Swiss K31, introduced in the Warzone Season 4 Reloaded patch notes, isn’t aligned properly.

Check out how bad this problem is below!

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swiss k31 warzone season 4

Warzone Swiss K31 Glitch – New Reticle Not Aligned Properly

The Swiss K31 is one of the top sniper rifles to use in Warzone right now, but recently it had its reticle changed from a chevron to a more traditional crosshair. However, this has caused some huge accuracy problems.

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Warzone YouTuber and streamer Stodeh found out soon after the update that a glitch stops the new Swiss K31 reticle from shooting in the correct place in Warzone. Instead of the sniper firing in the center of the crosshair, it seems to fire slightly below.

warzone no glint sniper rifle

Since then, many other players have complained about the problem too. Unfortunately, the only way to fix it is by using a different scope on the Swiss, which is a waste of an attachment.

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Until Raven fixes this reticle glitch, we recommend using the Kar98k instead of the Swiss K31 in Warzone. Check out the most accurate Kar98k loadout in Warzone – you might even prefer it to the Swiss!

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Finally, a new event has come to Warzone and it’s giving players free Blueprints. Find out everything you need to know about Blueprint Blitz in Warzone. Let’s just hope you don’t get one Swiss K31 until the reticle is fixed!

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