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Warzone Suppressor Analyzed – The Best Attachment for Loadouts?

Almost everyone uses a suppressor in Warzone but is it the best attachment in the game?

Warzone has loads of attachments that change and improve weapons. However, the suppressor might be the best attachment type in the game.

Find out how much of a difference suppressors actually make in Warzone.

Suppressor Effects in Warzone

In a new video, YouTuber Xclusive Ace has analyzed what suppressors actually do. Yes, the in-game attachment descriptions say what they do but don't give enough details about the actual sound suppression they provide.

warzone gas ghost

Stay Off the Mini-Map

Firstly, suppressors keep you off of the mini-map in Warzone. However, if you have an unsuppressed weapon, then enemies can see your dot on the mini-map if they are within 250m of you.

This makes it way easier for enemies to find you and, therefore, makes suppressors very powerful in Warzone. With any kind of suppressor, you won't ever show up on the minimap when firing that weapon.

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Warzone SNiper

Quiet Gunshots

Secondly, suppressors make your gunshots way quieter. This also makes you way harder to track. Players can hear gunshots from unsuppressed guns over 400m away.

However, if you use a suppressor in Warzone, enemies can only hear you from a maximum of 100m away. This is especially useful when you are sniping.

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Xclusive Ace, therefore, says that a suppressor is the most valuable attachment for most weapons in Warzone. This is because the element of surprise is so important in Warzone and you can easily be third-partied if you are on the mini-map.

verdansk warzone map

Cold War Suppressors Are Broken in Warzone

Xclusive Ace also mentions that the Agency, GRU, and Wrapped Suppressors for Cold War guns are broken in Warzone at the moment. They reduce bullet velocity at the moment, however, this is a bug.

Luckily Raven has said they will fix this in the next hotfix when they released the latest Warzone update.

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Xclusive Ace recommends that players avoid using Cold War guns until Raven changes their suppressors back. This is because not having a suppressor in Warzone puts you at a huge disadvantage.

Xclusive Ace YouTube

Meanwhile, Warzone players are also demanding that Raven adds a firing range to make gun testing way easier.

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