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Warzone Streetsweeper Changes Coming in Next Update

Changes to Warzone’s Streetsweeper shotgun is coming in the game’s next update, reports Raven Software.

In general, Warzone Season 3 is one of the best states the game has been in ever. Thanks to the recent buffs and nerfs, the weapon balancing is better than ever, and almost any gun is viable.

What’s more, despite a handful of Warzone guns being the best in Season 3 right now, nothing feels too broken. On top of that, big changes are coming to Warzone’s anti-cheat, and reports indicate that SBMM is changing too!

warzone season 3 streetsweeper
(Source: Activision)

It’s been ages since the battle royale felt like it was in such a healthy state, and players are loving playing Verdansk ’84. However, there’s one issue with the new map: Warzone Season 3’s floor loot is terrible.

Right now, every rarity of the infamous automatic Streetsweeper shotgun is found on the ground. And it’s prompting the Warzone developer to make a big change to the weapon.

Warzone Streetsweeper Nerf in Season 3 Update?

As a whole, the Streetsweeper isn’t exactly broken in Warzone Season 3, but it could still use a nerf or some changes.

Right now, the automatic shotgun is just too common in-game, and it’s starting to annoy players. After all, an abundance of shotguns encourages camping in Warzone, and it’s a frustrating way to start off your game too.

In a new tweet from AverageJoWo on Twitter, the content creator asks Raven Software if the weapon could be replaced with “any other secondary.” And, surprising everyone, the development team was quick to respond.

“We’re taking a close look at the Streetsweeper in general,” Raven Software confirms. “Changes are coming in the next update. No details to share just yet.”

Streetsweeper changes
(Source: Activision)

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It’s currently unclear as to whether Warzone’s Streetsweeper will get a nerf in Season 3. After all, these changes could refer to replacing the weapon as floor loot.

However, we already know which meta Warzone weapons are getting a nerf next!

Right now, it’s definitely important for the amount of Streetsweepers to lower in the battle royale. After all, it’s currently often faster to pick up a new shotgun than it is to reload the weapon, mitigating the Streetsweeper’s biggest drawback.

Here’s how to unlock the Streetsweeper for yourself in Warzone! That way, you could personalize your own loadout, and keep the best possible class to hand.

Want to see the best gun in Warzone after the incoming AMAX nerfs? Or perhaps you’re looking for the best sniper loadout in Warzone Season 3.

Also coming in a new update is Warzone’s new fast travel system which is rumored to involve Cold War’s infamous Red Doors… That’s if players can make it that far, seeing as a new Warzone glitch is banning players for no reason!

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