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Warzone Streamers are Cheating by Manipulating SBMM

Warzone Streamers are cheating by manipulating SBMM to get loads of kills in easy lobbies.

SBMM, or skill-based matchmaking, is a tool that Call of Duty uses to put players in lobbies of similarly skilled players. This is in Warzone to give players of all skill levels a chance of winning.

Streamers and content creators, however, have found a way to manipulate the system so that they get put in lobbies full of low-skilled players. They do this to get impressive gameplay for videos or streams or to get records.

Luckily, the controversial Warzone Companion App was changed so that players can’t use it to cheat.

Reverse boosting is the commonly-known method of bypassing Warzone’s SBMM by using another account with a low skill level. Players can either play in a squad with others with a low KD ratio or join a game with a low skilled alternate account and then load in with their main one.

Players are also using this method to reverse boost in Black Ops Cold War.

However, YouTuber Drift0r has accused some content creators of using a new, unknown method of manipulating SBMM. As most players know about reverse boosting, he must be talking about a different method.

Warzone Streamers Cheating SBMM

How are Warzone Streamers Cheating SBMM?

Drift0r says that players can get low-skill lobbies 2/3 of the time but doesn’t say how. Instead of skipping SBMM altogether, he claims that method manipulates SBMM to get very easy Warzone lobbies.

He also noticed that there were other top players in the low skill lobbies. These players were obviously using the exploit to get into the lobbies already.

Drift0r has sent his findings over to Activision so that they can hopefully stop streamers from exploiting SBMM manipulation issue.

If true, this could put the fairness of competitive Warzone into question. If streamers can bypass SBMM during Kill Race competitions or when going for world records then should they still count?

Players have used to analyze the lobbies of Warzone record breakers. Their findings show that world record holders, like HusKerrs’ 54 kill Solo in Duos, were put in lobbies full of players who were statistically worse than them.

This could be a coincidence or a method to even the playing field as a solo player. However, it’s possible that Warzone streamers making record attempts could manipulate SBMM to get easy lobbies.

Warzone players are happy that some of the game’s most overpowered weapons like the DMR are finally getting nerfed. A fan-favorite game mode is also returning in a new playlist update.

Even with the DMR nerf coming soon, there are still many other things on JackFrags’ list of everything wrong with Warzone right now.

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Friday 10th of September 2021

They are 100% doing this every day and all day and its ruining my WZ experience. Ill be in a .70 lobby and there are always streamers in there with a combined 2.5+ KD. Its total BS and I may revers just because of this BS!