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Warzone Streamer Threatens to Sue Activision Over Ban

There’s probably nothing more frustrating than getting an unjust ban from a game you didn’t cheat in. Popular Warzone streamer Nick Wagner A.K.A Wagnificentt might know this more than most people.

Imagine being unable to access your account on your favorite game because a company banned you by mistake. Now imagine that you were a growing streamer, with a community that depends on you playing said game.

You’d probably be pretty annoyed, and it’s fair to say that Nick Wagner is more than a little frustrated. The streamer, who goes by the username Wagnificentt, has been banned by Activision since September this year.

In the past, Activision has come under fire for its lax approach to hackers. This time, it appears that the company may have been a little quick to pull the trigger.

In September, Activision confirmed that thousands of accounts were removed for cheating, as part of a new ban wave. Wagner’s Warzone profile was one of these accounts, and the user has steadfastly protested his innocence ever since.

Despite having multiple high-profile Warzone streamers voice their support for the user, Wagnificentt remains banned on his main account. Since then, the Twitch streamer has been running things from a secondary profile.

Thanks to Activision only tying bans to an account rather than an IP, it’s easy to circumvent any ban. This is especially true seeing as Warzone has always been a free-to-play game.

Warzone helicopter
(Source: Activision)

But having your account banned for cheating as a professional Warzone streamer isn’t exactly good for your profile. What’s more, it results in you having to unlock everything in the game once again.

After months of no response from Activision, it seems that Wagner is now trying a different tactic. Yesterday, the user posted a series of tweets directed at the publisher.

Warzone Streamer is Threatening to Sue Activision

The messages have since been deleted, but a screengrab indicates that the streamer is threatening to take legal action against Activision.

“I’m going to leave it here, if this isn’t addressed then my lawyers will be in contact soon,” Wagnificentt wrote. “This is defamation of character and ruining my reputation.”

As a Warzone streamer, it would surely be easy enough to detect whether or not the user truly was cheating. But whether Activision has seen the potential lawsuit or if it’s yet to land on their radar, we don’t know.

Wagnificentt May Sue Activision
(Source: Dexerto)

There are certainly more than a few players who will angrily tweet at the publisher upon discovering their ban. However, Wagner is likely correct in his assessment that the ban is affecting his channel growth.

Whether the user cheated or not, a ban suggests that rule-breaking did occur, regardless of the truth. This might cause fans to unsubscribe or cost Wagnificentt some much-needed channel growth.

It seems that Wagner’s new account has also been victim to a ban, due to in-game reporting. It’s no surprise that the user is feeling particularly frustrated with Activision at the moment.

Initially, it appeared that Wagner’s ban was due to the user allegedly making use of the EngineOwning cheat. However, if Activision has proof of this, they may need to bring it out in court soon.

To date, Activision has banned a staggering number of Warzone cheaters. However, it’s not at all enough on the publisher’s part.

The company desperately needs to invest in some anti-cheat software, especially as Cold War merges with Warzone. And although it’s fun to watch two riot shield players beat a Warzone hacker, we’d rather the cheating player wasn’t in the game to begin with.