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Warzone Streamer Has Lost To Cheaters Over 1000 Times

Think you’re unlucky? This Warzone streamer has been killed by over 1000 cheaters.

Cheaters are everywhere in Warzone at the moment. They ruin games for everyone by using aimbots, wallhacks, and exploits.

It is impossible to tell how many cheaters there are playing Warzone. However, Twitch streamer TeePee has revealed that he knows exactly how many Warzone hackers he has lost to.

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TeePee Has Lost To Countless Cheaters in Warzone

Cheating is obviously a huge problem in Warzone at the moment, but the it may be even more widespread than initially thought.

Twitch streamer TeePee has revealed that one of his mods keeps count of how many times he has been beaten by cheaters. This number is quite frankly unbelievable.

TeePee has apparently lost to a grand total of 1,182 cheaters in Warzone. This includes players who are using aimbots, and wallhacks, or people exploiting the stim glitch which is back in Warzone again.

However, these are only the “obvious” instances of TeePee being beaten by hackers too. There have probably been plenty more cases where he has lost to someone using hacks, but it isn’t obvious enough to count.

Although, Activision has recently banned 60,000 cheaters from Warzone and will be improving their anti-cheat soon. This will hopefully lead to fewer hackers playing the game.

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It would be interesting to see if any other streamer or player has kept count of how many Warzone cheaters they have lost to because it can’t be as many as TeePee.

Content creators are already fed up with the cheating situation in Warzone. Drift0r warns that many YouTubers and streamers could quit Warzone unless the cheating problem is fixed.

This is already beginning to happen and could get worse. NICKMERCS has quit competitive Warzone because of hackers competing in major tournaments.

Meanwhile, Dr Disrespect has also weighed in on the rampant cheating in Warzone. Let’s hope Activision bans the Warzone cheaters soon or content creators could quit the game for good.

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