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Warzone Streamer Loses His Mind Over Activision’s Lack of Anti-Cheat

A twitch streamer has had a meltdown live on stream, calling out Activision for failing to address Warzone cheaters.

It's no secret that Warzone lobbies are rampant with cheaters and hackers right now. It's been this way for a long time, and Activision isn't doing enough to keep cheaters out of their games.

The game is at risk of losing its entire player base to the scourge of Warzone cheaters. It's not just professional hackers ruining games either; anyone can find one of the many spots in-game to cheat their way to victory.

Warzone is in great need of a real anti-cheat system.

Call of Duty Warzone
Call of Duty: Warzone

Sadly, patches simply aren't coming in fast enough to keep the game fair. Too many cases of Warzone cheaters ruining games plague the Call of Duty subreddits, and still developers aren't doing enough.

So many games are being ruined by cheaters, and it doesn't help that the infinite stim glitch has returned to Warzone. Plus, hackers are so emboldened now, that groups of Cold War cheaters are bragging in lobbies.

The problem is becoming so bad that it's finally pushing players to breaking point. And this is especially true for a popular Twitch streamer, who has recently called out Activision in a raging new clip.

Twitch Streamer Bobby Poff has Warzone Meltdown

Live on his Twitch stream, Warzone player Bobby Poff is finally pushed over the edge by cheaters and vents his frustrations.

In a game of Warzone that appears to be going well for Poff, he brings a helicopter in to land in order to revive a downed teammate. Before he's able to evacuate the vehicle, a spray of bullets kills him instantly.

It's clear to see in the following killcam that the player is a cheater. And there's no doubt that they're using an aimbot.

Call of Duty Warzone
Call of Duty: Warzone

The player's movements are too rapid and precise to be legitimate and kills three players shooting in a triangle formation.

Angry, he leaves the game with his team. It's in the pre-game lobby where he goes on a furious meltdown, cursing out Activision for their lack of cheater awareness.

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He vents about how as a streamer playing for "fifteen hours a day", he constantly has to deal with Warzone cheaters who exploit the game. He deems them "greedy" for only focussing on fixing problems in the game that ultimately lead to their profit.

Call of Duty Warzone
Call of Duty: Warzone

The rant is long, loud and highly explicit. It's the result of constantly monitoring a broken game, and one that Activision haven't done nearly enough to address.

The clip posted to Reddit boasts the title "Bobby Poff saying what we all think after he gets killed by a hacker". Many comments echo this sentiment and support his fight for better cheat management from Activision.

The game is in dire need of a hacker overhaul, and Activision needs to polish Warzone drastically if they're to maintain their player base.

Poff is 100% right about Call of Duty's hacker problem, and it's only getting worse. Warzone glitches are making loadout drops unreachable, and some players are (literally) losing their heads with this glitch.

But, at least sometimes we get to point and laugh at the cheaters. This Warzone cheater can't even win with an aimbot.

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