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Warzone Streamer Finds “Legit” Infinite Stim Glitch

Has this player just found a “legit” alternative to the Warzone infinite stim glitch?

Just when players thought the infinite stim glitch was gone for good, there’s a new method. The glitch lets players get easy wins by staying in the gas infinitely and has previously ruined the game for everyone.

Warzone players have a number of issues they are already annoyed with, so the last thing they want is a return of the infinite stim glitch.

Angry players want Raven to change the unfair Nuketown Gulag back to the old one. They’ve also become extremely fed up with the number of cheaters ruining the game.

However, a streamer got infinite stims through legitimate means this time. Therefore, it may be here for good.

Warzone inside plane

How To Get Infinite Stims Again in Warzone?

Warzone streamer opmarked tried out a crazy new method to get infinite stims without exploiting a glitch.

Firstly, his team got $100,000 by completing contracts and killing other players. They then decided to spend all of the money on munitions boxes to refill the stims after they have been used.

Once in the gas, the player juggled the many munitions boxes to stop them from de-spawning. He then placed one down as soon as he needed extra health from a stim.

Therefore, opmarked had an infinite amount of stims without using an exploit and used them to win easily. However, players can’t decide whether using this infinite stim tactic should be allowed.

Between this and a strange new glitch making players have no heads, Warzone fans might have a lot of problems to deal with soon.

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Is this Infinite Stim Exploit Cheating?

The player base can’t decide whether this method is cheating or not. This is regardless of the fact that the streamer technically didn’t cheat.

Hiding in the gas shouldn’t be a viable tactic to get easy wins. Therefore, opmarked was exploiting Warzone’s mechanics and it probably should be removed.

Warzone players have taken it into their own hands to defeat cheaters. Watch this amazing clip of a player getting revenge on a squad of aimbotters.

Meanwhile, this even more ridiculous clip shows a one-in-a-million chance of an exploding Trophy System killing a player and costing him a win.

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