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This Warzone Streamer Is Killing You With a Recorder

Yet another creative controller has been found to play Call of Duty on, and one Warzone streamer is killing players using a recorder.

For years, gamers have been challenging themselves to find the most creative way to make their favorite titles harder. We've seen players using dance mats, bongo drums, and more in lieu of an actual controller.

But now, one Warzone streamer is challenging themselves to win the game using nothing more than a recorder. And the sad fact is, it might actually work.

Warzone Streamer Gulag Win with a Recorder
(Source: Activision)

Since we previously saw a Twitch streamer playing Black Ops Cold War with a guitar, perhaps the gamers should group together and get an orchestra going.

Warzone Streamer Uses Recorder to Win Warzone's Gulag

Imagine dying in the Warzone Gulag only to find out that your opponent took you out with a recorder. That's entirely possible for one unlucky fan, as one Warzone streamer is getting kills with nothing more than his breath and a bit of fancy fingerwork.

Twitch streamer DeanoBeano is known for his unorthodox methods of controlling his games. Recently, his two main methods of playing Call of Duty have been the recorder and the bongo drums.

In one recent clip, we can see what it's like to fight for your life using nothing more than a woodwind instrument. Using one note to turn left, one to turn right, a start and stop moving sound, and a final pitch to fire, the recorder becomes a viable Warzone controller.

And from what we can see, it's enough to do the job. Presumably, DeanoBeano's Gulag rival is kicking themselves after dying to the recorder-wielding streamer.

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It's probably for the best that they never find out what exactly secured the kill. The Warzone streamer makes playing on a recorder actually look easy.

Though we imagine you'd be running out of breath should you get involved in too large a firefight.

Call of Duty's Ultimate Musician Streamer?

Notably, DeanoBeano is the same streamer that achieved a killing spree on drums in Modern Warfare. If anyone can manage a Warzone Victory on an instrument, it's him.

Perhaps the streamer has been taking some tips from JackFrags on how to beat Warzone SBMM and get easy games. However, we'd like to see him tackle Black Ops Cold War's fan-favorite game mode when it finally returns.

Right now, Warzone is plagued with both hackers and stim glitch users. But players are going out of their way to kill those who would cheat in Warzone.

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